breakdown of Food is eating large amounts of food. If the disruption to come from the mind, not with the struggle, desperation, and fear, then it can be a great springboard for personal growth and a time of "rebirth", because this is an important signal for us. Our business is to hear and react in the here and now.

so, to the breakdown reap huge benefits for themselves, rely on the following step by step instructions.

First. Turn awareness into your life. It is impossible to overcome the RPP and normalize weight. All know what it is? Or to explain? Please let me know.

the Second step. Take as a given that you had a breakdown. Just tell yourself, "I snapped. Not bloated, fat hog, and I lost it."

Third. Do not scold yourself! By doing this, you distract yourself from the main analysis of failure and personal development. Treat yourself with the kindness, understanding and compassion, as best friend.

Fourth. Do not merge with the idea that tomorrow you will be hungry, a little there, could you train actively, etc. These soothing thoughts help you to reduce the level of emotions: anxiety, shame and guilt that arose in the process of absorption of food and lead you to a dead end.

the Fifth step. Understand the situation. What happened? What did you think? What did you feel at that moment? How did you react? How did?

the Sixth step. Take responsibility. Analyze the information you received and start exploring.

for Example, "Lisa" opened the ribbon instagram. And there is beauty one better than the other. With abs, priests nut and PP. All in splendid dresses, with bouquets in fur coats, with machines and men.

Lisa thought, "they're so beautiful and slim, and I'm worse. Ugly, fat loser. Nobody wants me! No one loves me. And my life is shit etc."

immediately she felt a mix of different emotions: sadness, fear, anxiety, envy, anger, shame, guilt.

She closed my account. Went to the kitchen and ate too much. And she did it unconsciously, automatically. The food in this case was made as a way of avoiding unpleasant thoughts and emotions, and emotional regulation.

If Lisa chooses to use this instruction, it will have a choice. Or to run again in a vicious circle or start to analyze the failure and work with them, namely, to deal with their emotions, with his self-esteem, acceptance of body, etc. If not the most, you can seek help from a psychologist.

Our body is very wise! It is our life support system. Everything we need we already have inside. If you make friends with the body, it is possible to extract sea use for yourself and for your life, making it purposeful and happy.

Have questions on the instructions? Ask, I'm here.

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