Stop being good to everyone!


Forgot about their desires and seek to please everybody? It's a trap laid in childhood. At this time, it was necessary to adapt to the world around them, learn to consider the boundaries of yourself and others. br>
Then we went

  • to be good - "Look what a good boy!",
  • live external approval - "Mom, I got a five in math! -Well done!",
  • trying to take into account someone else's opinion - "Oh, how wrong. Now that I think of you!",
  • studied do not disturb "do Not disturb, see adults talk! Sit tight",
  • sought to please others ,to conform to others expectations.

If a child that does not learn, then later in life there is a big problem with the social instinct. People understanding, in fact what is happening that he did something wrong, but what can not say, and especially in the ongoing process to adjust their actions. He's like a bull in a China shop, only instead of the dish - people's emotions.
adult this skill is underdeveloped. Each event is new to him. So every time a landmark he has to deal with the nuances. br>
But if the interests you've built a cult. You have another problem - to be good for everyone. It is almost impossible to implement, even if you use all your strength. People just want different and often mutually exclusive. br>
You become secondary. Your desires, opinions, events be at the end of the list and will be implemented in the last rows. Turn to them is not the fact that will come.

You most likely bore people. You can say it differently. You yourself bore yourself with a desire to meet their views, which he himself invented.
Create your own hands an illusion and she is to tired.
there Are many convincing rationalizations, nicely explaining why you're running away from leadership positions and decision-making.

you Can say that in the limit, life does not belong to you.
You just become an object for manipulation and solving someone else's problems, something facilities.

the Solution lies in either of these extremes, but in balance.

do you think that will help it to find?

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