Stop blushing!

I always wanted to feel at ease. Why not the other tense? And you sweat, the body stiffens, time stops, and the brain turns to jelly, with only one thought - when will this all end.

Particularly impressive was the help of others.
"Look, you're blushing!" as if I didn't know an hour ago.
"Relax", "come on, Martin!" - an excellent guide to action, to strain him even more.

do Not remember being in infancy, but from childhood, the mediocrity of a succession of inevitable stresses closed to the joy of life, which in its riot of colors passed by.
Yes, I do not want to!
Prove it to anyone, but why are you lying to yourself?

One day came to the school artistic Director, who collected the theatre group to perform at city fest. Invited.
I decided to change.

it's Time to stop being so shy! And you have to overcome yourself to life changed. Yes, back in 1986, I still do not know what is psychology, but authoritative people for me laid down these standing thoughts.

To qualify had to be before the Commission from the stage to recite poetry. Gathering himself into a fist, without a single blot, with the intonation... And when you go through the Assembly hall, and your friends remain after the simple phrase "You are not for us".
Yeah, then I decided that perhaps the confidence is not given to all in life. Will have to do with what we have. You need to avoid in public speaking, attention to the presentation itself. br>
But somewhere I still hope that I deserve more than to sit quietly behind the more confident guys. There is the potential that stated the implementation. What may not be so primitive - what came into this life with and leave.

I Can say that now this problem is solved even more than I then dreamed of. There's not just confidence, there is the ease of public expression of yourself, a comfortable feeling in the "rays of lights", speech thinking and more.

I'll tell About it in following articles.

Write what stresses you face?
what do you give up?
What you missed out on because of shyness, fear, and insecurity?

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