Stop saying "I'm fine", if in fact it is not so


Often we don't want to "load" loved ones with your problems, so continue to artificially smile and like a mantra repeated "I'm fine - I'm fine - I'm fine", even if at this very moment within us are destroyed and broken into many small fragments of the whole galaxy and the whole world just goes to hell.

We used always to solve their problems because they think that everyone else just not care that there is with us at heart. After all, everyone has some problem, then why someone should be interested in yours?

We continue to hide our real feelings, we continue to be comfortable rather than real and alive with their own emotions, desires and reactions to everything that happens around us.

We are afraid to show themselves true ... it is terrible that we simply do not understand, not accept, and the main thing - do not support, but also hit him where it hurts. Terrible ...

So many people choose, as it seems a safer way - to pretend that they are always all good. And even if it is not so, such people are likely to completely drown in your own problems than ask someone for help, thereby, however, showing their weakness.

But trust me, in order to confess to someone, even a very dear man, that you have a problem, you also need how much courage! So you know what? And can you stop? Enough of this masochism and sacrifice. Think finally about yourself. Because we are all humans and every from time to time need help.

don't be afraid to admit that it is hard for you that you something has failed or that you are upset and angry. Understand that there are forbidden and wrong emotions and feelings. What you are feeling and living has a right to exist. So just fully live these emotions, "scroll" them to the end and release. you'll see how relieved you'll feel.

Allow yourself to be alive - not always perfect and not always in a good mood, but simply a man who lives his life and from time to time need help and support from people close to him. After all, you're not robots and you, too, something might upset and unbalance. And this is absolutely normal.

So if you want to flick someone's soul and tell how much you bulk, you just do it! Or just listen to somebody that really, really needs. Find support and be support for others.

Be those who will not leave in the lurch, and substitute their strong shoulder, but also do not hesitate to ask for help and support if it is extremely necessary you already. believe one day you will be able to say "I'm fine", but this time it will be true.

take care of yourself)

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sincerely, your psychologist Victoria Kirsta supervised over

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