Cease to do less - and not just in a romantic relationship. We must strive to the maximum in every area of his life. Do not bother yourself to achieve more. Don't let yourself become lazy. Decide that you will not accept anything less than your ideal.

don't settle for less in the quarryE. Maybe right now you're stuck at work, which I hate, but don't get used to it. In his free time, follow your dream. Your new skills. Develop in the field that you like. Find a way to earn a living that brings you pleasure. It can take a lot of time, but at least try.

don't settle for less in friendship. If you are ready to leave a partner who is laughing at you, lying and humiliating, then why continue a friendship with someone who behaves the same? Don't be afraid to end the friendship in which you are no longer comfortable. Don't be afraid to end a friendship that brings you more stress than laughter. Don't be afraid to end a friendship that slowly becomes toxic.

don't settle for less in your psychological condition. Don't accept sadness as a permanent condition. Tell your feelings to friends and family. Learn to love yourself. Look for ways to create a more meaningful life, because you deserve nothing less.

don't settle for less in relationships. Don't lower your standards just to stop feeling alone. Remember that feeling lonely and being with someone in a relationship if it's just not your man. Don't give someone all of my ungrateful heart. Be with someone who respects and admires you. Be in a relationship where you will feel comfortable, and where you want to develop. You need a love that will bring stability, not uncertainty.

don't settle for a mediocre life, you work at work, which I hate, and hate to return her home, because there you will find the person who badly treated you. Don't settle for a bad relationship, a bad boss and your bad health.

Give yourself a chance at a better life. On more respect and love. More potential and self-development. And even if you continue to doubt that they will be able to achieve more, still continue to move in this direction, you can't reduce their standards. Just remember that you don't have to settle for less than you truly deserve.

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