many of us Have dreams, desires, ideas about their own future: new job, wonderful relationship, harmony with yourself. Anyone can travel the world of dreams, sitting on the sofa or walking through a beautiful Park, but even more than those who wants right now, browsing a web page, relaxing and distraction from the harsh and grey reality. It's so easy, convenient, comfortable, at the end of it all. Excellent conditions of surfing the Internet: to the left of the computer is a Cup of tea, a little to the side cookies or nuts, your favorite music plays, on the feet, cushy Slippers, and if You're alone in a room or apartment...all: it's happiness, just put your fingers on your keyboard.

But the most interesting happens then, You start to build the search queries, the answers to which were not found last time links and hyperlinks make you further and further into the wilds of the unknown and incredibly interesting. You'll be lucky if You Wake up, read information about the next opening of the British scientists, not hovering over the adorable antics of cats and other Pets. But the original purpose was “to see new pictures from N. N.” and assign him/her a meeting... Or “find courses that will help me to better understand 1C, since the new reshuffle in the offing”. But looking at the clock you realize it's time to sleep/eat/go to work/school/ etc. How wonderful You had a great time! Really? Or, there is a slight feeling of fatigue from the abundance of information, a kind of troubled feeling of something lost...What are you missing?

Time. You lost hours of your life, which could lead you to the fulfillment of your desires.

You want to meet your soulmate? Let us then analyse what was spent the last two hours of your free time? You browsed profiles on a Dating site? How many candidates/candidates You have written the message “Hello, I want to meet you!”? There's no one interesting and suitable for you? You signed up on another Dating site? Looked at a couple of hundreds of those who are in “active search” for your criteria in the social networks? Wrote a welcome message to someone else? Studied the next poster fun activities and interesting comments that you can meet?

a meticulous work takes time, and the ability to enjoy his little victories: 10 welcome message, tomorrow another 10, then another 10. After 3 days you sit analyze, texts of your letters and appoint themselves, without waiting for initiatives from the other, at least 2 different meetings. And especially for the doubters, 2 meetings in one day(morning and evening). Just over the weekend will have time to meet 4 new people. And then again...How do you dive in “romance”?

maybe you want to find a new job? And have already placed your CV to the best recruiting sites? How many times have You called for last week? You've already been on one interview in the last month? No vacancies at the firm where you like to work in? Are you sure? You learned personally? Tried to get there for free training? Lacking any skills? For the acquisition/improvement of skills need...TIME?

Probably too many questions...these are questions that can cause stress, anger, confusion or joy, respect, pride from their own actions.

this is Your choice and Your responsibility how to implement the tension in a constructive way, i.e., those which will help you not just to relax, and to get the maximum satisfaction and will lead You to your dream.

You can begin to move in the right direction, and can try to sort out this issue with the psychologist.

With respect, to Your Choice

Anna Kaminska

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Kaminska Anna
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