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a Very common problem which can occur in the following:

  • Relationships with married men;
  • Relationships with men who don't want to start a family;
  • Escape from the relationship when the partner offers family, marriage;
  • Unsuccessful attempts to meet and create relationships.

Now I want to talk about one of the causes of fear of relationships. Such a cause may be outdated, rigid views about family and marriage.

for Example, "to Marry (to get married) need once and for all!" Do the experiment, say this phrase and listen to yourself – what feelings and emotions?

Yes, really may become scary. Like, no choice and can't change your mind, even if you do not like.

Or other introject: "We must always be together!" How? Too as-that not on itself. Is this even possible? And is it necessary? What if, all the same sometimes to do something and not together? What then?

And another idea about the fact that "in relationships need to adjust to the other's desires in the first place." Very common pattern in codependent relationships.

Having such an outdated, rigid views about relationships – whether they want to do to be in such a relationship? About the joy of it? Or smacks of something terrible, from which I want to run?

But no matter how much you run, don't beware not solve the problem, because the presentation because they are in the mind, not to escape from himself.

I Invite you to study your personal outdated notions about relationships that prevent you from living in joy and fun.

having become Acquainted with their ideas about the relationship, you can check if they fit you, or perhaps there are other scenarios that you haven't thought of yet.

the Theme I plan to continue in the following articles, and talk about other causes of fear of relationships.

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