the Fear that we know about him? Do we know their fears exactly as they are? Whether we are scared and we knew that we were scared?

I'm not expecting him, he comes himself. I like we're relatives, without ceremony or warning. His passion excites me, I have never seen to be able to live as vividly as he lives. I envy his straightness? Yes, of course. Am I afraid of him? Yes, very much.
I know that he knows me, all my secrets and inventions, it reads to me like advertising on billboards, but just a space that can be changed. and always as he wants it.
I am very much afraid.
He loves me. I cannot understand love, I don't even want to think about the fact that she can heal me. He gave me some semblance of myself, so that I could calmly, or almost calmly, watching their fear in retrospect. Fear has created me anxious.
It's not cheesecake dessert, this is a worrying dissident. I emigrated from and settled himself in a less comfortable environment with a good view on a real person. I see myself through the eyes of fear and feel anxiety. Trouble with me is second nature, because of fear I am not able to because of their weaknesses. Fear is for the elite, anxiety - product massmarket. I agreed to a routine to look at fear and envy him. It's easier. Peace of mind.
am I Sorry about your choice? Yes, of course. If I could go back in fear and live his colorful life? Yes, apparently Yes.
the Fear that controls me when I'm in trouble and admires me when I am afraid. To be in fear and be scary is the same thing and and captures disturbing the audience. He decides when to make me a star drama theatre, and I can only ask him to transfer me to the auditorium. Fear filled life to the brim, her glow coming from her charms. No life no fear, no fear without life. Anxiety is a life on pause, as if she had gone for a coffee break. and you are standing near the coffee maker and don't know how to use it and no one near.
How it all bothered. Just got pissed off.
I was terrified and I don't want to be alarming. But... my fear is of a different opinion about me. He silently puts the folder with my case in the closet and locks the door with a key.
He's right, to acknowledge himself incapable of experiencing fear right now it would be too cool.
will Take a break.

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