I love the work of M. Zhvanetsky: sharp, succinct and exact hit in the purpose. For me personally it has a lot of catch phrase that you want to remember, to repeat on occasion. There are phrases that echo like something inside of me. One of these phrases is the phrase “strong always calm”. Really! Why worry about him, because he feels strong, full of resource. To be strong – it means to be in a state of internal equilibrium, when there are fears and anxieties, there is anger, resentment and irritation. Have a clear mind and a clear vision of what is happening around.

How to achieve this state of inner strength? I want to share your thoughts and experiences on this subject.

first, I think, impossible to be strong everywhere and always, so you need to find to see your strengths and learn to rely on them, you must also know your weaknesses and be able to compensate for their strengths.

second, it is sometimes useful and their weaknesses to find positive moments. For example, I always thought I was overly emotional and irritable, but when I realized that my emotionality and irritability I need to achieve my goals, I fell in love with them and began to learn to use them to their purpose, or structurally, to respond (to show).

third, the ability to see your strengths and weaknesses and use them to develop trust in yourself, ability to rely on themselves, to find a conclusion of different situations. But people may not always be in a resourceful state, so you need to remember in moments of strength, that there will be moments of weakness and be ready for him. And this:

fourth, it is useful to discover external resources. They can be primarily other people: relatives, mentors, idols, leaders, teachers, those that seem strong, solid, successful, lively and cheerful, happy or satisfied with life and themselves. Resource may be the action: assistance to other people, animals, sports, or likes, to communicate with interesting people, love or sympathy, achieving a minor goal of obtaining visible results, reading, watching a movie. A resource can be a new impression, a new experience: to do something new, make something new, to visit new place, meet a new interesting person. A resource could be the ability to trust the world and go with the flow, when a person realizes that everything happens for the best. Sometimes you just have to be in the flow and filled with the energy of the world, the Universe, nature, etc.

And as You fill yourself with force?

Learn to live!

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