In life, we often feel the tap strong emotions! This is actually normal and we live in a tribe "Mumba yumba", which really want to get away from Moscow at least 30 minutes In the tribe, so I dreamed))), it would be possible to shout in a loud voice, and with guttural sounds to beat their Breasts or dancing around the fire...And I think everyone would say: "Fine! See what she experiences! At me too such was when... and I, too, long danced around the campfire!")))) But fantasies are fantasies and it is clear that feelings should not stop and we must give them vent, and after that work on the rational recognition of what happened, but how?!

Go on Krasnaya Presnya, where there will dance or cry? Durkee will cause! And then to prove that I'm a psychiatrist, just freely expressing their emotions and diagnoses even know how much years 20 great to put)))

So where was I?... And!

learn how to Express emotions in our own society, or how to make them bearable in intensity.

Here we all the task!

Breath! Practicing soothing deep breathing – put your hand on your stomach, doing slow breath, counting to 5 and feeling the increase in the volume of the stomach. Make a small pause. Then slowly exhale, counting to 5 and feeling the falls in the volume of the stomach. Perform this exercise at least 10 times. Or at least just slowly exhale, counting in the quiet rhythm of one, two, three... Slow the breathing rhythm, as you know, the body performs at rest, and he would give the signal, "I breathe slowly, then all is well, I am calm, there is no danger..."

-Go to a cafe or just buy myself a drink as I continued my stroll. Drink the liquid very slowly; focusing on the sensations of taste and smell, like a SIP of water goes down my throat.

- What else can you distract yourself? Turn on your phone your favourite music and listening to it with headphones dancing considering the building through which I pass and shop Windows...I Think always listen to relax? Well nooo! Sometimes very energizing song! What to choose now, I would dictate my mood and inner state, eager to respond to the adrenaline and be on the same wave rock or really listen to the ballad of love and tenderness...the Main thing is to music or reflect my experiences or on the contrary taken away from the stray thoughts in his world and gave resources!

you will Come, perhaps, to McDonald's and get some ice water! Applying ice to the temples, turning over in his hands, feel his cold, intense touch! And maybe a few pieces of ice crack open, as does my daughter.

- Listen to the sensations in the body and boost the muscle tension where it already is, will hold this tension for 5-10 seconds and released a slow exhale! That's just great, when my brain remembers that you can relax your body more and better!

– Think of how I would support my friend or daughter, what words of encouragement and support to be found...I even Have two friends..One I call when I want to hear: "what are all men..." and the other when ready for a rational analysis of the Know right? Sometimes you just need support and sometimes true analysis and advice.

Still a lot of ways that apply myself and teach my clients, but then my eyes fell on the clock and I realized it is time to sleep! Work tomorrow!

I Will be glad to your comments and finds you want to share!

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