Note in advance - deliberately writing this article for people far from psychology. Psychology - it is for whom? Who has time for that. And this article is for those who are not accustomed to thinking about their problems out loud. br>
In recent years, my clients often become men, many of whom lost everything. All aspired to for years, accumulating sweat, and tears. They used to live, sometimes with clenched teeth. Set goals, laid out, not always felt the support from loved ones. And over the years used to keep everything inside. To complain and to share experiences - it's not about them. A strong man can not afford to seem weak, this is tantamount to loss of self-esteem. br>
Society requires from men a lot. To be strong, resilient, stable, not complain and whine, be strong and courageous. Only here not always and not all succeed, sometimes because of circumstances and obligations. Everyone has difficult periods in life, people are not perfect, and that in these times everyone is in dire need of support and understanding. However, not everyone can afford to open up, to voice out loud how hard it can be to the soul.
And it's just sickening sometimes happens - though a wolf howl, but to recognize it above forces. You know what I hear on my consultations?? "What if I complain will I feel better?", "My problem is to be solved, not to talk about them," "Yes, I am not satisfied with my life, what can I do?". br>
But even in the psychologist's office, such men do not always give yourself a chance to change. Many and holding back fear: how to open up, to trust their problems to another person? Suddenly he did not understand, suddenly condemned'll think I'm weak and worthless? Therefore, most psychologists come to the women, but men often need tactful and sensitive psychological care, inside them too hard, as if they were not trying to hide it. br>
And every psychologist knows that. And believe me, if you have dared to change something in your life, to free yourself from the problems - it is an indicator of your power, it is worthy of respect.

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