Strong women weak?

These women are respected, a bit feared. They are endowed with mind, intellect, leadership abilities. Them they make excellent leaders and entrepreneurs. They seem subject to any of the elements. They have something from the witch. Vigour, vigour, straightness, solid, firm position.
Fate sometimes gives gifts in the face of clients mirrors that matches and pain and joy...miracles Happen. You see your reflection talks, thinks, behaves the same way as you...And you're not alone in your melancholic space, desolating and nausem...

You're like accomplishes all resources and is ready to go on the warpath, with new strength, new hope! That's just a little rest, give yourself up, restart your CPU.
to Cry or not to cry? That is the question. Reflection from a consultation with my mirror reflection. Mystical, inexplicable coincidences forced me to reexamine some issues in my life. I suddenly remembered that once said one man that almost did not pay. "Only when I see the victims of stray animals...Like the other day, went out to buy bread at the kiosk and next to him kitty...numb...I stood over her and began to cry...".
He looked at me with eyes of a loving father...I ever saw in him is the father. Always. From the first minute. And his vibes of love, protection, patronage enveloped me, like a magical cocoon...
I haven't cried for a long time. Could not. Didn't want to. Two months I waited for him to come. Here, as usual. He rings the intercom and I hear his voice, native...With a gasp, calling his name...
Intercom rang many times. But it's not that. Past.
a Strong woman. With him, I allowed myself to become weak.

At some point I began to cry. Bitterly. Of despair. That my script be adjusted, competent, have been trampled and destroyed by some unknown Force. I lamented that all my plans suddenly collapsed. No, I never sought the easy way out, it's not for strong women...I loved his authenticity, rebellion,a certain detachment, an incredible charisma. And in a moment I realized nothing. Was it? Not if I invented something illusory?
Strong woman...cry. Bitterly. From despair and agony. From the fact that they themselves have entrusted himself to him who was beyond their control...Cry, because you live, cry because I love...
Hope Arkhangelsk
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