1.Naive romanticism-Natasha Rostova; Marilyn Monroe; Audrey Hepburn. Easy flying, excitable, mood swings, trusting, loves everything beautiful, tend to exaggerate the strength of their experiences, emotions, bright, but not deep, bystroprokhodaschee. Lives with emotions, which not only receives love, but simply from dialogue, from the contemplation of beauty, ease of character. Loves animals, flowers, nature in General. Not growing up, often looks younger than his years, men looking for patronage and protection, not stress.

a woman-child is in perpetual search of new emotions and of the person/people who could be her support and to protect from stress. Usually she is good-natured, easy in communication, in love, they're sweet and unassuming. But this is only the first step. Being in a long-term relationship with a woman you notice her irresponsibility, disorganization, moodiness and impracticality. She is unable to see the real life her in everything and always need support. the role can be played at social parties with strangers, flirting with men. Her open and enthusiastic mind, she knows how to make compliments, very charming and desirable for most men.

2.Drama Elizabeth Taylor, Sonka the Golden hand, Vivien Leigh, Anna Akhmatova, Lilya Brik, Angelina Jolie. Confident, sharp, impulsive in love, the feelings can be very strong, capable of insane acts for the sake of feeling. Always on the first place of feelings and emotions, difficulty in logical understanding of the situation. In search of True love, True life, which will give her the opportunity to unleash your sensual potential. Prone to addictions, an adventuress. Quiet and measured life is not for her, she lives to the max, bad ass. Can sometimes cause disapproval and envy from other women in her eccentricity.

the woman Is a mistress, a woman who is able to awaken in man true Passion. For such women can move mountains. It is not for family(even if there is one, and a partner for her: eccentric, talented person).This woman is a disaster, love her dangerous, but not to love is impossible. They have many novels on life, while leaving it, a man definitely will never forget. Often she becomes the initiator of the breakup, a lover can go what is called "through fire and water."

the lovers of proper and regular life, such a woman will arouse hostility and anger. the role can be played when you long to be married and your relationship has become a habit. The willingness to risk and imagination, an occupation unusual case, unpredictability, the ability to read people, sense of humor, etc. can contribute to this. Woman-drama knows how to give man while remaining yourself, because it is in itself unique.

3.Classic. Coco Chanel, Jacqueline Kennedy. Stylish, confident woman, smart, sensible. In people appreciate honesty, decency, sense of duty, strength, and firmness. Strong-willed, purposeful. Accurate, patient, collected. Watching them, and also tends to develop as a person. Can get involved with something unusual, which will allow it to be more self-sufficient and independent (yoga, foreign languages). Mind prevails over feelings. Seeks to control everything, including their own and others emotions. Does not tolerate excessive emotionality in others, difficulties with empathy and tolerance to others ' mistakes. Typical business lady.

the force of this woman is her weakness: she is very difficult to find like-minded people, and even harder a man with whom she could be a Woman. She's afraid to be weak, always trying to keep the bar, but deep down dreams of a stronger than her partner. Sometimes it is necessary to be more indulgent to others ' weaknesses, to cultivate gentleness, to be interested in the feelings of others. the role is most suitable for business relations, where all the rules of time management that values above all the quality of the business. The clarity of goals, overcoming obstacles, the environment itself, only the right people will help to achieve much in a professional field. She is friendly, polite, her actions all thought, she always knows exactly what he wants.

4.Natural. Shakira, Madonna, MacIm, Courtney Love. value freedom above all and naturalness in everything. Against all conventions and imposed values as representatives of the subculture of "hippies". Stands out for its natural independence, not prone to deep feelings that are independent of other people's opinions. It is interesting, incomprehensible to men, because it combines femininity and longing for freedom. Unpredictable, emotions are superficial, a sense of duty is missing. Always follows its own desires, not seeking enjoy, it is similar to the air that cannot be touched, they can just breathe. Other people have little interest in, can enjoy the solitude, meditate, listen to music. Often feels affection are not likely to person, and the picture of the flower or animal. There are difficulties in building a business and of any serious relationship. Trying to avoid the obligation, often finds herself in the arts (he writes, draws, plays music).

the Woman relax, she never puts pressure on partner, but she can not tolerate the pressure, it is possible to be together only if you accept it completely. the role suitable for situations when you need a break after some difficulties and a woman feels that she got bored with the old circle of friends, I want to be alone with your thoughts, to change something in life. The option of overcoming the crisis, transition to new level of development. This is serenity, the ability to experience pleasure from each and every day, the ability to openly Express yourself. Also this role is suitable when you want to Express a person about their wishes and the assurance that you have the right to be heard. Very sensual and harmonious woman.

5.Serious romanticism. Renata Litvinova, Kate Winslet, grace Kelly, Princess Diana. Very sensitive and emotional, feelings, serious, looking for depth in relationships with people who are constantly dreaming of something large and beautiful, often refuses to empty, unnecessary relations for the sake of true friendship and love. Can't live halfway, strives for perfection in everything. A woman of mystery, revealing it becomes very fragile and vulnerable. Can long to worry about dashed hopes, prone to melancholy .To the end is not revealed, trusts very few people. Capable of compassion, can do charity in different forms, also seeks understanding from others. He enjoys art, spiritual component of the above material.

Combines some features of romantic young ladies and the vamp. She knows how to listen and she seeks to be understood by family and her people. Her behavior may be at odds with the feelings she's afraid to become vulnerable, so the behavior may seem rather low-key and obscure, while inside seething volcano of passion. Has its own principles, but ready to compromise.True to its propensities. This role is a harmonious in relations with the favourite person whom I trust; in situations where you need to take a break, on reflection my emotions. This woman always knows how she feels, she knows very well himself, has a deep inner world. She's like a diamond, truly can not understand people like her: creative, interesting, diverse, thoughtful, with personality.

6.Sport.Gisele Bundchen, Cameron Diaz, Tatiana Volosozhar, Anna Kournikova. the Woman spirited, strong-willed, confident in victory. The material is more important to her spirituality. People appreciate the strong character, achievements, tseleustremlennost. She doesn't dwell on the love experiences for her man-it's a trophy, she especially appreciates their freedom and their time. Prefer the environment of such strong personalities like herself, in personal relationships prefers weaker character of the partner, however, sharing its interests and adapt to it. Can be a career woman, very busy, dealing with people mainly in social networks and at a minimum. This role is suitable in cases when it is necessary to collect all forces to achieve the goal. This woman lives with his mind, not listening to others ' advice, unless very reputable people. Her movements are jerky, look straight, she works hard on his body, with less attention to the actual fashion and "women's stuff".In fact, it has a lot of masculine traits, both in character and in appearance.

Bogdevich E. L.

Bogdevich Catherine
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