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This is a very common type of food. But sometimes people are not even aware of their features. They think to themselves that just love to eat.

Love to eat - it's good! But there are other reasons. For emotional eater a characteristic inability to cope with emotions and feelings using appropriate methods. Food is the fastest available, the permitted method of processing.

Emotional eaters when experiencing boredom, sadness and loneliness, stress and tension, irritation, anger, guilt and shame, disappointment, fatigue, etc. use food as an antidepressant, Comforter, sedatives, etc. what is not anyhow what, and delicious, lakomova, bold with rich flavors.

for example, I am an emotional eater. Food for me has always been of paramount importance. For sweet and delicious Comforter and I even stole money from my parents. And for the ice cream could give the last money in my student years, just to get mental relief.

When he was gone from control, learn to trust your body to take care of him, to live emotions and to use other appropriate ways, the relationship with food has improved and become harmonious.

Food has ceased to be an antidepressant, way of relaxation, stress relief, withdrawal from reality, a means of solving everyday problems. What I'm excited about....

I note that people often use food for comfort, strain relief, etc were up to mother Nature. And that's fine. But emotional eaters often overeat. And as a consequence overweight, obesity, falling into the trap.

Thick to be scary. Man declares war on yourself, food and fat. Immerse yourself in deprivation and exclusion. This destroys not only have emotional breakdowns, but restrictive, episodes of overeating. And disorders and eating disorders thus worsen even more . So the man falls into a food swamp, from which escape, alas, quite difficult. It's not the food and not the weight.

you Know what? "Attacks" on whether you feed and how you and him "struggling"? Please share.

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Semerikova Elena
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