Submarine commander Moses Abramovich Chingachgook


let me Start with an anecdote, which gave the name to the article:

"Go to a compartment with three women and a man. He hid on the top shelf, listening to the conversation downstairs. And there, discussing which of the men better. One says: "I love Indians. They are still passionate... to jump off the Bronco and ..." Second - "And I like the Jews, they are rich! "Third -" And I like the divers - they are so bold!" Listened, he listened, then jumped down from the shelf and said, "let me introduce myself! Chingachgook Moses Abramovich! The commander of the submarine!"

of Course, the anecdote, bearded, and broadcasts of "trends" about thirty years ago and yet, even there, they are practically not compatible! This is the "joke"!

Well-understood wishes to find a husband among the representatives of their nationality. This is largely justified by the fact that people will be caught in a familiar environment.

Jews, for example, has an international network of acquaintances in the synagogues there are professional matchmakers who are able to find a pair anywhere in the world.

the Muslims have their "word of mouth".

What do the representatives of other religions?

recommendations of the banal to the pain:)

  • Dating Sites
  • Evenings for those who...
  • Clubs and community interest
  • Professional environment
  • Look around!

Let's consider each of the options?

Dating Sites - "There's also some goats!" - I would say some women won't be right!

each year an increasing number of couples who find each other there!

I Have a lot of friends and a few clients of different ages, types of appearance and status, who have created a family, that met at such site.

One of them, Irina, at the age of 57 years he married a very worthy man, the engineer, the "Russian" Germans and now has a very euphonious name!

Ira's Life, without exaggeration, was very heavy! In her youth she lost her three year old son, who suffered from leukemia, and her husband left her....alcohol, unable to cope with the difficulties.

Several times she, unsuccessfully, tried to build relations with different men.

Having a higher technical education in the 90 years began to work as a hairdresser. Ran a small business – beauty salon, in default failed again and established entrepreneurs, working alone.

Searched for "my life on sites" a few years! And we found it!

Yes, the husband is the one with German roots, came to live with her because my apartment left his ex-wife. But, he "planted" Ira home! The past few years, enjoying the freedom, cuts, occasionally, only close friends, and have fun!

Now she happily tells her friends about the fact that happiness can be found in the Internet!

Another issue is that not all know how correctly to position itself there.

it is Important to understand the following points:

  • What works?
  • How many should there be?
  • What to write about yourself?
  • What are the present requirements for the future satellite?
  • Where to look for the compromise, and what compromise should not ever?

Evenings for those over ... most Often it is "outright removal"!

However, I know many people who there our a couple!

a Few years ago I sometimes helped clean nice woman, Moldavian, my age.

She actually met her future husband on this night.

St. Petersburg ordered Mary and her two sons in the apartment.

Soon they had a child together, spouses were already well over forty. Masha and all of her sons received Russian citizenship, higher education.

Clubs and communities of interest – this is probably the most effective way, even if they are on social media!

One example of my experience, unfortunately, is now deceased friend Tanya disabled since early childhood and healthy, beautiful athletic guy is worth something!

read more here!

the Life and Glory Thani Plekhanova. The bright memory of a friend and partner on projects dedicatedProfessional environment - very cool!

If You are a psychologist and lonely, look, to colleagues of the opposite sex at work, but at least on this site!

If You, the user, You also work somewhere and often attend training sessions or corporate events!

One of my friend when she was over 30, retired from the usual city library and got a job working in a library in the military and married a military man, as dreamed of!

When I was looking for a picture I found this site:

Dating military for a serious relationship:

Look around. do you Know the neighbors at home or at the cottage?

Be nice when you visit a grocery, hardware stores, fitness clubs in the neighborhood.

the Theme of female loneliness is very relevant always and everywhere.

In many ways it is an artificially created woman with high expectations with the low self-esteem!

of Course, you can wait up to 50 years and further, that You have a balcony to Park the car class, but he could be a millionaire and, like Richard Gere in the famous film, will follow You down the fire escape.

If You are not confident, have a lot of complexes and don't even try to get rid of them, You will be difficult.

PS me, as always, for You there is good news, any problem can be turned into a problem and solve it! There is still His Majesty the Case!

It would be a desire, especially three days before the spring!

Natalia Filimonova
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