Today we have another inspiring story of a happy wife, twice mom and the author of the project "Career like" Aliya Belyaeva.

+ 2 a valuable gift from a guest. What? Say-say, but a little later

First, we talked with alia:

  • on a winding path from childhood dreams of becoming an elementary school teacher to a career consultant
  • how the birth of my son 100% influenced the further career development
  • how Aliya from scratch for the month prepared and conducted its first online training for job search, which sold 5 places paid training
  • about the transition from ideas to make money and the Internet at the time of the decree to the first 100 roubles and further to a stable income from your online project.

Interview with alia You can read here

the conversation was about:

  • the secrets to time management in the life of a mother of two;
  • 3 stages of searching for your favorite work for moms in the decree;
  • that to make the Internet more than in the office;
  • that you need the idea to implement it immediately!!!

interview with alia You can read here

the Gifts from our guest:

1. Video course "Easy start! The Foundation for a successful job search"

2. Webinar recording "How to increase your income in 2013 in 2 times"

you Can pick up here (click)

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