This article is not about how someone came to therapy and joyfully overcame the neurosis. This is an article about how the success has helped my clients to get rid of neurosis. The success in the right sense of the word.

Case 1. It was like this. Quite a successful girl, who supported himself and thought of the child, at some point, realized that her partner does not correspond to its representations about the reliability in the relationship. And she understood what her partner is to some extent a psychological vampire. And regularly drinks it energy. She also realized that many of her wishes in the relationship was ignored under various pretexts. ... And internal decision stuck for a few months. This was more than enough to get her started getting headaches, tinnitus, tachycardia, and attacks of acute anxiety. As is often the case, the use of drugs she refused. Went to psycho-correction. Mastered the skills of controlling their anxiety and anger. Formulated for myself the principles of relationship building. Reduced the level of neurotic control. Virtually nullify their symptoms. And then faced with the fact that the symptoms (they burn with a blue flame) is back again. However, not in such an intense form, but came back. And again she overcame them. And they left again. And then came again. And then she made a decision. He decided to get a divorce and move to another city. But after moving it was enough for 2 sessions for the final completion of your therapy. At first, she realized that moving her didn't break it, and gave a new opportunity. And the second she realized that she perfectly manages his condition myself. And came only to be established in this sense.

Case 2. It all started with the fact that the man worked for 15 years as an economist in several different organizations. Work was always stressful. He's always been really hard work "on the uncle". After all, "uncle" as the selection was aggressive, domineering, conflict. And it is hard to protect your inner peace in such situations. But he clenched his teeth and pulled the strap. At home, he preferred not to talk about work, ignore your emotions, periodically clashed with his wife due to the fact that special sense of home from him was not. After work he mostly tried to sleep or no one to contact. To be clear about the education of children, generally from any emotions. Over time, he began the evening anxiety attacks, and even fluctuations in blood pressure. Once even had something like a hypertensive crisis. An ambulance was called, and it clearly said – "nerves". Heart it checked, some organic pathology was identified. But pressure spikes remained. They were joined by the regular pressure measurement. And anxious waiting for the next attack. And severe physical weakness. Constant thoughts about what may cause another increase in pressure, come thoughts of death. During psychotherapy he was struggling with all cognitive techniques and practices, working with dysfunctional beliefs. But almost two months remained a background concern. Until there is a change from a source of a pressure load at work. Moreover, there has been quite radically. Was taken loan taken all personal savings, all of it was invested in 3 rooms for the 500+ squares. And they were all rented out. ... Background and the alarm has gone off 3 weeks. The word really. Yes, there are a lot of irritation. Yes, there were bouts of anxiety. But that was the context of emotions that never touched yourself and your zdoroya

Scenario 3. Once there was a girl. Who received an education, found a husband and had a child. And I fell into the trap of everyday life. Child, kitchen, Laundry, Ironing, always-all-knowing mother-in-law. The need to adapt, to adjust and to adapt. That ended the flow of Intrusive thoughts (I can harm children), regular bouts of dizziness, aggressive outbursts and powerful stringy ropes of guilt and shame.

Here we started with the fact that he came to understand the importance and significance of global changes. And experience is not specific symptoms, and specific strategies towards creating their own business. Which started with "we want freedom, independence and order me to obey." Then there was the idea of his beauty. Then the search for money to open. A search of the masters who would be involved in "nail". By the way, forums has helped neurotics (it turned out that some neurotics can be a very good manicure). Then there was the epic, in order to divert from another salon masters hair (it was worth it to her to withdraw). Then there was promotion, stress due to the first tax reporting. Moving into the room next door to the house. Search sane beautician. There were many situations that had to be modeled on the sessions. Psychosomatics periodically came and went. And then helped the husband, who sincerely admired "well, you give!" when I found out that she was bringing more money than he, along with his father and mother together... And somehow came to an understanding that no symptoms for a month, then two, three. And then there was the sacramental "Yes, Jo.. this neurosis, I don't have time to suffer"... I don't know how things are with the salon now, but neurosis she is no longer suffering. I know for sure, as occasionally meet with it in the vast social networks. There beyond it was the hobby of neurotics blame for inaction and lack of confidence in myself. It was one of her external motivators are effective.

what is I? In all three cases, an important role in the correction of emotional state has played a meaningful change in a person's life. The changes are quite noticeable and important to be a source not only of stress but also pride, confidence, interest.

What other such changes my clients recently? Your channel on YouTube, a trip with fellow travelers to Turkey, moving to India for a year to study English language, moving to South Russia, away from the Siberian cold weather, the repair of the apartment with Windows to the floor, a boycott of the relatives, change of relationship status within the family.

What unites all these events? They share promising thinking. With one particular point of view thinking can be a single step. For example, I want to get rid of the obsessive thoughts, anxiety, panic attacks, dizziness, extrasystoles. There is a fixation only on the symptoms. Sometimes this thinking sounds like "I want to live as before" or "I want to live happily." But, in any case, it during a one-step thinking is not about specific involving the change of life. Forward thinking does not mean that you are on to something mechanically distracted. This way of thinking of creation. The mindset which starts with:

to Separate.

to Join...

Command, to obey ...

to Refuse.


Start ...


Invest in.

to take a Chance and try ...

Notice this important point in each of these cases the achievement of success does not lead to the disappearance of neurotic symptoms as a wave of a magic wand. there were thoughts of resistance

- it would be difficult

- I think, I'm not sure what you can

Is hard

- will I have problems.

- as I have with all these sprawley in the background of my neurosis

we must first get rid of the symptoms and then think about something more

there were bouts of anxiety and fatigue and tension and a lot more.

But there was obvious internal flow of motivation, to take out the neurotic from nervosa. In my head there was a priorities system. Which balance the symptoms along with the psychological correction and therapy.

Final thought. Success is more than a word of 5 letters if you have a neurosis. This kind of doping that you can quickly learn from your destructive condition. When you find yourself brave enough to invest. It will not be easy. But it will be a change in your life.

you Can start with that think aloud in the comments about how and what changes can be large enough to begin to change your condition.

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Kuzmichev, Alexander
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