one of the psychotherapeutic consultation was faced with the problem of suicide. More precisely it is not yet an accomplished tragedy, and the persistent statements of the client's intention to commit suicide. Relatives in horror has led him to a psychologist. How to deal with this problem? Suicidal thoughts are:



passive suicidal thoughts the individual would like to envy those who died, for example, in a dream or was the victim of an accident. While not considering the method of suicide. Here a man is suffering from a mental condition.

With suicidal thoughts active client speaks of despair and that no further meaning in life anymore. But most importantly – thoughts of death became obsessive, relentless and literally pushed to resolve the tension.

When expressing suicidal intent-active properties, it is necessary to stop further therapeutic work with the client and to insist on his conversion to shrink. If the client's refusal of treatment by a psychiatrist relatives of such a patient is necessary to exert maximum efforts for overcoming the current crisis.

relatives of the unfortunate should be remembered that suicidal intent is one of the few indications for involuntary hospitalization in a psychiatric hospital.

Depressive disorders is really fraught with the accession of suicidal thoughts and behavior. The tragedy can only be avoided if the time to begin specific treatment. The situation is such that it is better to stop working with a client than to delay psihofarmakoterapia. In unclear cases, the diagnosis of apply tests to assess the degree of suicidal risk.

Eugene Pusev

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