I Often hear that today, unfortunately, does not give us certainty and stability. This causes anxiety and insecurity affects the well-being... and so I want reliability and a clear understanding of what will happen tomorrow.

But in nature, no living being, which would present the feeling of reliability and stability! The world of animals is a struggle for survival. All of our life lessons that seem challenges, actualize our ability to survive in any conditions. Yes, wind will have to paddle with your hands! Not the achievement of dreams makes people happy, and those changes which in it occur on this path. And we want certainty, and you want it our Soul? Want to realize the dream – put her feet, because the meaning of dreams enclosed in the path which you followed on the way to it.

What we will need on this journey towards your dream, what to put in a suitcase and take on the road? Right, my advanced! Resources! What? We already know how to fly in other countries with a backpack, credit card and gadget. This is our external resources – material values, social statuses and relationships that provide the support of society, is outside, i.e. conditions conducive to the achievement of goals. What we carry, so to speak, in ourselves? Our internal resources – mental personal potential, character, and skills that help us from within (and which, incidentally, can be both positive and negative). Internal resources include:

  • Personality – for example, self-confidence, internal locus of control, emotional intelligence, knowledge, active motivation in coping with stress, etc.;
  • Behavioral – coping strategies, assertiveness, search support;
  • Ability – e.g. self-regulation skills, information activity, courage, psychological defense, etc.;
  • Physical health status, care for its preservation and strengthening (HLS);
  • And even the lifestyle!

And here it is important to understand that if our internal and external resources do not develop, they degrade. Resources can be access only until the person deals with them. As soon as he goes head first into something else, like relationships, its resources or pass it to whom he devotes himself, or just gradually fall apart and disappear. Resources require constant interaction with the environment, constant development and updates. It is impossible to accumulate resources once and for all to gain the power. And if we have to invest, it makes sense to structure your resources so that if any situation could put them out of the word HAPPINESS.

I, for example, responds to the concept of resilience – integrative quality, including:

1) the ability to take call

2) internal locus of control responsibility for the events

3) purposeful action (involvement in the events)

the English-Russian dictionary defines "hardiness" as endurance, strength, health, stability, courage, bravery, fearlessness, derscott, audacity. Accordingly, "hardy" – hardy people, resistant, tempered, courageous, brave, daring, reckless. The resilience I see exactly the structure in which it makes sense to invest, realizing and distributing through all its resources. And periodically audit, reviewing, supplementing and improving.

so, collect the suitcase properly. First you need to determine what resources will give the opportunity to take a new challenge: professional skills, social interaction skills, assertiveness, courage, information activity? Something else? Approach this question carefully, knowing that the responsibility on us that put in, the use. Might even make a check-list for different types of events! Analyze your social interest, involvement in relationships with others – family, work, something else? In other words, gather and skomponowa the internal resource, the mindsets and skills that will enhance the quality of life and transform the obstacles and stress into a source of growth and development.

might look Like an example of the contents of our suitcase? It would be good if there were:

  • the Ability to make informed choices in complex situations;
  • High level of emotional intelligence;
  • Financial culture;
  • Communication skills;
  • Problem-oriented copping, the rejection of emotional response to the situation;
  • Internality, belief that force that determines life, is inside;
  • Willingness to overcome activities;
  • self-Management;
  • Ability to self-education;
  • Responsibility and ... something else?

This suitcase in the road, a dream will feel confident and secure, because it will help to transform changes into opportunities under any circumstances! Successful you fees!

Kobekova Julia
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