Summer in our latitudes is short. Because I want to do all in time: and in the morning to run, and work to give everything to the maximum, to walk through the parks to meet with friends, go to the clubs and to be cheerful. But in reality, after the shock of the day, only enough force to get to the sofa. Jogging and clubs, like summer, pass by.
If you have been feeling tired, no strength, no desires, lying face to the wall, or on the contrary, I can't sleep until the morning, it is the specialist from therapist to therapist.

Let's talk about where to get energy and strength to spend the summer as I want:
The easiest to draw or write what the forces go, and that carries energy:
in some Areas, leaving main forces: work, family, children, helping others, Hobbies, health, school, and opposite each write, for example, the number %, based on the fact that you have 100% energy.
Sources of energy: an interesting project, love, children, result, hobby, sport etc, as well as % or in the selected coordinate system.
view the resulting: that the most energy is spent and where less comes.

Sometimes, someone of my friends exploits the friendship and talks about the challenges and joys, regardless of the circumstances of your life;
Happens that you're an interesting project, but other aspects of work: team, road, guide, grieve;
Or you have decided to become a runner, but after a run no strength at all, and the joints ache.

This exercise helps you see "black holes" for energy and to look at what is happening in your life as a system where everything is interconnected.
to save energy, refrain from the fact that their takes: less communicate with people, communication that does nothing; if possible, work on the project from home, choose sports like, or a different time of day. Reduce demands on themselves: not all and not always have to make perfect, Plisetskaya said that was not always macrocephala fouettés, and it didn't detract from her talent. If you've promised yourself something - do it now, life is not infinite.Well add what I always add you energy.

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