Sun country

a Cool summer evening, when the earth failed to warm the day, further cooled down, the Cat stood in front of the house, but hasn't come, he had the feeling that he still did not have time. But warm up really like very much. There was a feeling that until it gets warm – it is better he gets and he is unlikely to find strength in myself. Kitty stood and waited. And I thought, I better go warm up to a large, strong animal, on a soft straw. Dreamily, he even for a moment felt big and strong. But around here it was quite dark, cold and scary. Though Kitty and is well-versed in the dark he was so tired that he lost all sensitivity to what is happening. He ran to the big, and probably strong animals cows, from the smell of milk he appeared again the confidence from pleasure he even purred a little bonegilla on the straw and fell asleep. In a dream flying thoughts, events, people, cats and other animals, and again all is lost...

And suddenly it's morning, the Cat did not have time to sleep and felt completely overwhelmed, but the smell of milk favorite smell made him perk up again. He even got a bowl of fresh milk"queue" in the morning. The cat was pleased with himself. And proudly ran his business.

... the wind Blew and became again a dark, cold, damp and scary. Cat was thinking: "Summer, but where's the sun?" He even tried to shout: "the Sun don't leave us, don't go!". But nobody heard him. But the Cat never stayed in front of difficulties, so ran forward. And where did those forces, he was not sure. But that's not important. The main thing – that was the strength to fight! He ran and ran, but the lighter did not become. The cat ran forests, mountains, ravines. He tore off the coat, stabbed legs, scratched face. But did not give up and did not want. And the forces were taken as if from the earth. Kitty felt the pain from his wounds, but he was not discouraged, he felt alive. He could even feel the fragrance of flowers, the freshness of the wind, the softness of the grass, the coolness of the stream, the humidity of the sand, the breath of life. He reached the edge of the forest, where the horizon was no longer visible, but the sky was some strange sky nebesnogo color. Kitty felt a little more enthusiastic, and most importantly – free. He thought that the feeling he just hopelessly lost. And he felt warm, light, he didn't understand, where did this bright light, the heat was burning and he trembled with this sensation, but made their way forward. And all of a sudden!..

the Cat saw the sun – a big, bright, hot sun. Such a large he had never in his life seen so close too, of course, and for a moment he froze in surprise. And then realized there was no light because the sun was here. "What happened to him? He needs to help!" brave the Cat rushed forward, though the heat barely came out. Kitty could see the reason, which prevented the sun return to the sky. When it rose, it caught on big strong spruce, but even though she was big, she grew up and sideways. As a young runaway, the wind pinned me to the ground, still she was unable to straighten up. And the sun accidentally caught on its branches. The cat is by nature a very brave, did not dare to jump on a fur-tree on a cliff. But still decided and typing acceleration jumped so fir as if fearing she let go of the sun.

It began to slowly rise to the sky and the Cat with a smile and watched this amazing phenomenon, like the birth of a new life, bright and clean. The sun rose higher and higher, but the light did not seem to have gone together with the sun and Kitty looked around. And at the bottom of the cliff he saw a beautiful phenomenon. Below was a city – the houses were like gingerbread, rivers of milk, the earth as a sand pie. "The city is tanned, like those people who travel to distant countries, they can also sweet taste like these gingerbread houses, well, no, because cats aren't sweet, and it's time to go home. There always waiting for me!". And Kotick went home, he had the feeling that he had so much strength that he is able to fly. Now the Cat recharge in the sun and it was warm and calm. He was confident, satisfied and happy. And now he knew that he was free and thinking about it gave him a mysterious smile. Murrr!

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