I offer you excerpts from the book David Dade David Deida "the Enlightened sex. Something completely different"

In its natural movement of energy flows from the genitals up the spine to the head, and then down to his chest, and returns to the pelvic bottom. As in sex and in everyday life you can learn to "close the pelvic floor" (i.e., genitals, perineum and anus), in order to dissipate energy.

First you will have to strain the muscles of the anus, perineum and genitals, as it has been described that the energy didn't go outside and up the spine. Over time you will learn to relax your buttocks and anus, will remain the only light tension in the genital area and perineum. You no longer have to exert physical effort to force the energy to flow up the spine, it is enough to think about it.

as soon As your sensitivity increases, you will discover new ways of conscious control of the pelvic floor.

1) Learn to raise the energy from the pelvic floor. You can practice this way during sexual stimulation, and in any other situation. Take a few deep breaths, and feel how with each breath in the genital area and lower abdomen you accumulate more energy.

When the abdomen is filled with energy, then lower it with the next breath to the pelvic bottom and sharply lift up the spine with a strong exhalation and the contraction of the muscles. Reducing pelvic floor, if you push energy through the jump.

at First you will feel as the energy moves up the spine and in the head there is a slight feeling of pressure. The upward flow of energy can explode fireworks in your head or even cross its borders, and then to descend under the influence of love.

During these exercises you may feel like you've melted the top of the head. Relax, breathe deeply and open the body of love — even if you experience unusual sensations.

2) When you learn to control your inner energy, try to direct the energy from the pelvic floor to the spine of the partner.

Take a few deep breaths during sex, accumulating energy in the abdomen and in the genital area. Then exhale, squeeze the muscles of your pelvic floor and feel how your energy shoots up the spine of the partner. Do this several times, and then on the inhale lower the energy down on the chest of the partner, completing the energy cycle in the body.

You can imagine the movement of energy from your genitals to the spine of the partner. And maybe you'll feel how it flows. When you learn to distinguish the nuances of energy flow, you only have to think about how the energy goes up the spine of the partner in accordance with your breath and how you can reduce your pelvic floor muscles.

You can do this exercise during sex or even just hugging partner. First, your partner will not feel the fullness of your energy. But when your ability to transfer energy will increase, your partner will feel your strength.

the Response may be different: your partner may lose your head, close your eyes, groan with pleasure and experience the orgasms of all kinds, regardless of whether you have sex or not.

it All depends on the strength of your energy flow and on the ability of the partner to accept the energy. You'll need patience to reach the desired result can take months (or weeks, or hours).

First do this exercise in turn with a partner: one makes and the second controls the result. After a period of training do the exercise at the same time: promote energy up the spine partner and down his chest. Simultaneous exercises help to release deep-seated energy blocks and restore the natural circulation of energy.

3) Always ensure that the pelvic floor did not open and did not release energy. If the energy is leaking, close the pelvic floor strong muscle contraction.

For example, immediately after urination or bowel movement genital area and anus can be opened. In this case, a hard squeeze of the pelvic floor muscles, hold your breath, then relax and exhale. You can leave the muscles tight for several breaths, and then relax.

4) If you have had a hard day, you can restore the energy level in the following way:

take a few deep breaths, holding the energy in the stomach and genital areas. Distribute energy throughout the body, reducing the muscles of the pelvic floor and pushing the energy up on the exhale.

(However, you may want to raise the energy up the spine on inhale and on the exhale lower it to your chest.)

5) You can affect a person at a distance by means of healing or restoring energy.

Take a few deep breaths, accumulating energy in the abdomen. Then shorten the muscles of the pelvic floor, exhale and try to imagine how you transmit this energy to another person.

in Addition to the physical effort of this exercise involves mental control of the energy in order to give it to anyone at a distance. Feel how the energy heals a man, fills him with strength. When you learn to store energy and manage, you'll be amazed by its new features.

this exercise may seem based only on the game imagination, but over time you will be able to freely share powerful energy with your partner, no matter how far it was.

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