Supervision - the keys to knowledge: relations in supervision practice


Supervision – is a form of support and professional development for psychologists, which aims to help psychologists in working with the patient. But as well as in psychotherapeutic practice, Supervisory practice, the success of the work depends largely on the quality of our communications, from the communicative competence of participants in the process – supervisor and supervisent.

today, the practical psychologists and psychotherapists who practice different approaches based on the fundamental discovery Freud about the importance of affective communication between patient and analyst, which is called “transfer”.

In supervision along with the use of a didactic method of learning and appeal to theoretical knowledge, is still in the forefront of the study of relations and communications between patient and psychologist (supervisioncam). We turn our attention to the study and search of keys to understanding what is happening in therapy, understanding covert and overt communication between patient and psychologist.

We are interested in emotional connection, deep understanding of the world of feelings and interactions, because in the space of supervisions all the keys to knowledge are the relationship between a patient and a psychologist. But we find these keys in the context of relationships a supervisor – supervisent.

Thus one relationship (couple supervisor – supervisent) reflect other (psychologist – patient), and thereby we receive a wonderful opportunity to explore the process of emotional learning and emotional communication in the relationship between the patient – psychologist through relations supervisor - supervised.

For centuries decided to pass on knowledge by word of mouth from more experienced young – is an ancient circle of transmission of knowledge and wisdom. As a wise mother teaches her child, helping him to cope with the surrounding space, the world, to navigate it, the supervisor teaches supervisent how to navigate in the therapeutic space, in a given situation, on what to look for in work, what are reefs to avoid, gives a point of the tooltip.

And then we start to see better, to hear better what is happening in the therapeutic relationship, we sharpens the senses, sight, hearing, and thanks to this we begin to better navigate in the therapeutic space, and we know what to do next.

If You feel that Your work with the patient to have stalled, making You feel confused, emotionally drained, or You are experiencing emotional burnout – in all such situations the best way – supervision. Try this tool. It will help You survive the crisis in working with the patient, go to the next step, find a new strength, to gain the necessary balance to recover in therapeutic positions.

Invite colleagues-psychologists for individual supervision, in person or online according to Your choice. Individual clinical case supervision, individual supervision of group work.

I Also offer Online group supervision for practicing psychologists.

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goleniów Lada Viktorovna - supervisor of IGA (Institute of group analysis, London) psychologist, psychoanalyst, group analyst, certified specialist of the CPT (European Confederation of psychoanalytic psychotherapy).

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