Many people dream to have the house and the family was a safe place where they will understand and accept, where you can relax and gain strength. Therefore I'd like to husband was the man who will not criticize, but rather support it.

most hurt public comments when in the presence of strangers wife teasing husband:
- Oh, it's just a joke, that's hilarious-then…
Compared with other also hurts the self-esteem:
- All men like men, and you…
worst of all the bullying and humiliation:
- Worse father than you, not to find, how could you think to send a child to walk without his hat? Other and income, and apartment, car, cottage family provide, and you're all for pennies to stick, no mind, no talent.

it seems to Me, marriage is strengthened, if by default the wife on the husband's side and Vice versa. If he was just joking around – she will smile or say anything. If I said something wrong, I will try to translate the theme, ease. If something is spilled or dropped, will not swear and will help clean or assist with cleaning him.

If he forgot something, as his wife warned, the wise woman will not be contemptuous or clink to clarify that she foresaw this turn of events. She was just silent, even if inside mentally expressed.

so, what helps to strengthen the marriage and improve the relationship:
- do not compare yourself with others,
- not to criticize,
- not to make any public comments
- not to criticize,
- avoid jokes, and even more abuse and humiliation,
- not to shove "I warned."

- quiet
to praise,
is to say, as I believe in my husband,
- Pat
- kiss it
is to say how much love.

for Example, a lot like these words:
- I love you very much! I'm happy that you – my husband! For me – you are the best in the world! I totally support you. I believe that you can achieve anything you want. I wish we lived together all my life. You – the most beautiful, the most intelligent, talented, strong and skilled! I'm very proud of all you achieved!

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