doing cleaning, sorting clothes and stuff in their closets, usually we are guided by the functionality and usefulness of things, and rarely ask ourselves the question: "do I have joy when you hold this thing?"

Gradually, throughout life, our house is filling up with many things that do not bring us pleasure. Moreover, some "very useful" stuff can travel with us for decades, moving from apartment to apartment.

Too many things give us joy, to eat too much space of the house and absorb the energy of lightness and joy.

Recently, inspired by Marie Kondo (Japanese expert on cleaning) I went through the whole house, sorting things into 2 parts: "deliver the joy" and "delight". And what was my amazement when things of the second category were 3-4 times more!!!

When I allowed myself to part with them, I have the feeling that some significant part of my past was left behind. And in future you can travel light (literally and figuratively).

So let me a couple of tips in case you take a similar mega-project.

at First it may be hard – habit "how can you throw this "need" thing?" is a very strong and well backed up by the historical heritage of our country. This is similar to the revision itself in the past to which we are very attached, and things become like a part of us. Then it is necessary to make short(!) breaks for tea and other pleasures of life. But then, when a critical mass of things that do not bring joy, delayed emission, it becomes easier, there is joy and excitement of this harvest.

In the process, it is important (again, thanks to M. Condo) every thing to take up and ask the same question "do I have joy when you hold that thing? If I want to wear it (if talking about clothes)?"

And so, gradually, moving from category to category (clothes, books, home textile, photo and all-everything else), we allow the past to finally end. Completed and in our home, and ourselves.

And finally – before you throw away your stuff (especially clothes), do not forget to take them out of their personal energy, making things neutral. It's goodbye to the past impact, and the forces will be added.

And in place of the old will not be slow to come new, interesting, joyful - not only at the level of things and events.

I wish you Success in creating a light and joyful home!

Oksana Anashchenko, psychologist, juggling, Reiki-master

Oksana Anashchenko
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