Over the past 2 weeks my articles on financial literacy received a lot of comments, some of which have prompted me to write this article.

  • There are comments like "thank you for the article".
  • There are comments like "it's not working because ..." and tells the story of why people are poor, orphaned and miserable.

I am always amazed and continues to amaze me when I very convincingly and emotionally say that I never GET what I long ago turned out and been working in my financial life.

People deny the most elementary rules of handling money, refusing to try and test in the real world, in practice.

  • About this paradox written tons of all kinds of materials and books on the psychology of money, wealth and poverty — Yes, our people do NOT want to be rich, do not believe in the existence of such a possibility, refuse to become more financially literate, preferring to leave it as is (i.e. in very bad condition).

I'm glad my education activities in the fight against financial ignorance brings visible results that still there are people who care about their future, who are trying to do things differently and believe that all they will succeed.

Publish a fresh review my article:

I agree with you! Read many of your articles, watching many videos and reading 3 books, I tried to convey just excitedly received "revelations" to their environment, I was overwhelmed with emotions. And the answer from people who don't live well and richly received answers that it's all nonsense, it doesn't work! Those who didn't even try – say it's not working! I do not just given the science of financial literacy. Have a very lot to me, first and foremost, in themselves, in their habits. But like you, Alexander, you write: "having received at least one new habit that has circulated at least one new skill, you will definitely see changes for the better" (maybe not verbatim, but the essence of this). It is really so! Me far more to financial stability, but I'm working on it, already see changes for the better. I will succeed eventually, because it's not magic "believe it or not", and the normal rules of dealing with their money. Julia K.


For convenience, I made Collection of books on personal Finance — they will help You "make friends" with their money and learn financial literacy
Stuart McPhee
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