the Modern world is full of temptations. The abundance of  alluring  and its promise of Paradise life advertising, a variety of taste, color, smell not only in eating but also in clothing, interior, entertainment, interests, objects, and people. All kinds of services, from cleaning the cushions, the lawn, cleaning, food delivery at home, stay in a five star hotel, and the last haircut dogs and cats, and their dog.

Man – being weak. And dependent. Something for sure. From coffee, cigarettes, sausage-cupcakes, TV series, football, shopping, fitness, Internet, etc.

each “iron” today, we poured into the ears something. In many supermarkets and shopping centers music is played (even in WC), the bus-metro TV and advertising. Advertising in e-mail, elevators, viber chats, on the screens of urban areas. And from that abundance you can't shut your ears and close your eyes. Anyway, the world influences us and affects. The question is how we are resistant to this perception.

So what do we today still offer to buy? For the most part we are ready to buy a little love and care. At least a little. Remember how in the novel by Yevgeny Grishkovets “Shirts”. When he came into the barbershop.

“I came here because I wanted to care of me.”

We go to the Barber shop, salon, massage, training to the individual coach, master class, for the stylist to not only cut your hair, pull vezuju, to eat, to learn to knit. Subconsciously, we want to be served, paid attention said nice, listened, taken care of. To feel important, needed, loved. Yes, many of us needed this confirmation of love from the outside.

other people's time, attention, care – you can buy for the money. But love, unfortunately, no. It can only be felt. Do you feel yourself love to yourself? Can just say to yourself “I love you!». Or do you need to climb Everest to earn all the money in the world, 100 times to raise the bar, have 5 children, change 3 wives, husbands, plastic surgery, to lose 10 pounds?

Work with a psychologist or psychotherapist helps, first, to hear among the many ‘votes" of your own. Then, listen to it, to look inside ourselves and see emptiness, we tend to try to fill. Is it useful for us? If it develops us? Or is it another substitute, dummy?

If you notice in your life passion for various kinds of substitutes, I invite you to explore your inner puzzles to lay down a coherent picture, where YOU are the artist and Creator.

Glad to be useful!

Author: Olga Levko, psychologist


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