Светлое будущее

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a Bright future ahead.

It's going to appear over the horizon, rasplavilsya for new buildings separating you from him. You know what a blood-red glow had already flooded all around, but you don't see it.
a Great leader leads us to true bypass the buildings that are built faster and faster, well it does not matter, here we come.
the Leader is like a father to us, we believe in him, admired them and feared his wrath. Our leader is father in some way solves the problem of life weaving us into his inferiority complex and making us a part of his archetype. The shadow archetype, which captured father has covered us with his head and what's going on in the "light" side only see those who stand on the edge of the shadow.
father goes to his self-actualization, even such seemingly in the wrong way. Well, it's his self actualization. But there is small problem, we are part of his self-actualization, at least in the framework of current legislation. We are the resource. He is our shadow, well, hope - under the current legislation.
the Leader generates myths and legends, it is his duty before us, and we must blindly believe in them and support them in their faith is our punishment. We need myths and legends, we doused their fears and worries and through them in contact with our Leader and father, and would give our expectations to him. Myths are vital for us, at least, so says the Leader, well, we're happy to agree while throwing awkward for us the myths and taking the easy. And the Leader is happy to give us such a variety, in advance having prepared a mandatory set of myths.
We need a father, it just so happened in this world. And sometimes. this Leader is captured by complexes and archetypes, and Yes. we have to admit that we, too, participated in his zahvachennoi this archetype. The leader goes on his way, blinded by greed. fear, anxiety, hatred or blind rage, and leads us along. And we throw him into hell's furnace of firewood of faith and love, determination and intelligence, and they are burned there before dawn, leaving only the embers of disappointment.

We don't know where he was going. We know this, even ordering him to go somewhere He can't hear us. However, as we have it.

We share only the myths and legends in which no one believes, but everyone knows that's the way it is.

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