Свой совет - себе посоветуй!

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the Phrase that "the psychologist does not give advice" has already turned into a meme. And I spears about plowshare between "giving" and "eticyclidine".

will Be in between. At the same time and a white coat to go out, give advice. And not one, but three.

so, you are plagued by questions. You're tired, nothing helps. I included:

having tea with hot without with friend friend (underline, pour, drink)

- discussion with a mother, grandmother, other relative ( whether close war to solve?),

- acropoliscasinos discussion of "who it was and what helped?!" ( helps with search medicines over the Internet, diagnose any problems, and the laziness of being "nothing's gonna help, so at least others will listen")

self - digging different sources on the same topic ( boring)

- entry to specialist services, monitoring of prices, free time ( the main thing - not to walk, and to learn and apply),

- an extreme case - to sign up, and come ( the profile of the specialist does not matter, from the doctor and the Deputy to the centre of the space).

That's the way passed. It would seem - well, what else can help?! And then I go out, all dressed in white coats and suggest:

Option 1 - to change nothing, let it goes as it goes. Yes, you discussed the issue, simultaneously resolved a similar situation with a friend, acquaintance, passerby, but you don't need to change anything. Just wait. Can self-will, and may the child grow crisis and stop skipping school, and her husband will stop drinking and beat, and the wife will stop nagging, mother-in-law with mother-in-law will become best friends, the work itself you'll find that the inheritance itself will fall. And anyway, the world will appreciate you, will notice and will return a hundredfold.

Option 2 - how to get out to do the opposite, quite the opposite. Right now. Begin to praise instead of criticize, to swing is to use drugs, to love instead of hate. Suddenly begin to understand English speech, to think in Forex, solder, draw, dance and all of this immediately ( this is important!) as Plisetskaya, Monet and mane together, gates, jobs. To devalue yourself, to take time off, to explain to myself the reason nepoluchilos -impossible ( well, you know, you already passed!).

Observe the result.

Option 3 - to change one action, one small step and repeat it daily 21-28 days. For example, to read the book for 10 minutes every day. Or write before bed 1 big win of the day and 3 small. And victory will be what you say, teeth brushed and shoes to General cleaning on a particular shelf. To remain silent once instead of the usual hail - victory. The tea selection "without the bun" - hero! Send 3 summary - super! To answer the nasty phone call - a courageous act! And do, do, do. To describe the outcome after 4 weeks.

UV) exhaled) that communicating online with a man does)

and drop of tar - select the still you😜

Galina Zaripova
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