Связь человека и природы

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the more a person is separated from nature, the more he is separated from himself, from understanding the true nature of things and as a consequence from a healthy, full life!!!

the more we depend on a comfortable environment, which themselves surround a soft, warm bed , hot water, sparkling clean, heated toilet, artificial lighting, etc., the more we are exposed to psycho-emotional imbalance.

Losing a living connection with nature, we lose the understanding that we are one! We lose the knowledge that odors color, trees, earth, birdsong, fresh air, taste clear water, the taste of wild berries, feeling the skin of cool water from the Creek, walking barefoot is vital for us much more than the well-known perfumes, natural flooring, expensive drugs, a variety of food from supermarkets and other material goods for which we pay a lot of money, wasting enormous efforts on their purchase, their health and sometimes their entire lives!

Losing this knowledge
- We lose the credibility of their forces to manage their own health, shifting the responsibility on doctors and pills!
- We reject your body and unique appearance, subjecting him to torture in the offices of the beauticians and gyms!
- We torture their children, pushing them to an unnecessary degree and breaking their psyche development!
- We replace the true values, the knowledge of which we can only give the nature, values that serve the needs of absolutely unfamiliar people, structures, there may be a large list, depending on who believes what, but one thing is important - it's not your values and not your needs!
that is, simply put, we cease to hear the voice of their heart and their soul, and as a result become sick and unhappy!
I'm not talking about refusal to live in comfort and in any case not advocating the rejection of medical care and education, and want to convey one very simple thing - people, nature, the planet, the universe can't be treated as something separate only in relationship to the whole, we can understand its true nature and thereby to change the attitude to many things and phenomena in our own lives!

Buga Elena
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