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What is religion and what does it offer? Above all, remember the origin of the word, from the Latin "religare" - to bind, to connect. So what binds and connects religion? Initially it was connecting people in the community (it is now). Connected the mortals with the immortal level, giving hope not something more beyond this mortal life.

And, maybe, it is designed to connect all the disparate parts within each individual? If you associate God with the Self (which often happens), It is the most important and the most mysterious part of our psyche responsible for the integrity and deeper meaning.

in Any case, no one is trying to convert to any faith.

But G. K. Yung believed that if his faith helps people become happier, make him more connected with the faith, finding harmony.

And Yung admired the Pueblo Indians who earnestly believed that through their rituals of worship every morning the sun rises! It would seem, than to admire? The dark people. But their life was a profound sense.

""Because we - the people - he said, - who lives on the roof of the world, we are the children of the sun, and by performing their rituals, we help our Father go across the sky. If we stop doing it, in ten years the sun would not rise and there will be eternal night."

Now I knew the origin of the dignity and unruffled calm that person. He is the son of the sun, and his life is full of cosmological sense - he helps his Father, the Creator and preserver of life on earth, he helps him to do it daily climbing. If in light of this determination, we will try to explain the purpose of his own life, as a matter of common sense, his misery will strike us. We smile patronizingly primitive naivete of the Indian, boast of their wisdom. Why? Yes, because us eating plain envy. Otherwise, in the light of God will be our spiritual poverty and futility. Knowledge does not make us richer, but farther away from a mythological worldview that was characteristic of us sometime by right of birth."

So, on the way. It seems to me, perfectly, when the meaning of life goes beyond this intuitive and familiar life, finding his greatness. It fills us with a sense of the numinous (experience reach something bigger than we are, the unknown and the striking Majesty). Because the world is really so little known! And such a thrill especially on a large scale gives us the experience of happiness.

So, maybe religion is in fact, the urgent need of man? Whatever we mean by the word "religion".

Paradero Olga
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