Sweet, kind, lovely against the arrogant and commanding.


at the end of the session I almost cried. From happiness.

it's great when you can "feel" the results of their work. Today made a re-diagnosis of the photo (according to my proprietary methods) to my client. Initially, this diagnosis was made in may, when I was a girl for the first time asked for help. Her request was "How to gain a close relationship with mujchinoy". So the client was able to see herself for who she is and what she conveys to the world I spent with her photodiagnostic. To see the algorithm in the article.

And now, the result of teamwork!

the photo is cheerful, sweet, kind girl who is not afraid of men, free from the relationship, respectfully and with interest the men and most importantly (!) she is not afraid of close relations.

This is a breakthrough, I tell you! Because in may, this same girl was different, Yes, beautiful, but haughty, imperious, tired. And experiencing fear about intimate relationships with men. It is these qualities and her fear led her to relations "at a distance".

And you know how doing today my client, is reflected on the outer plane.

- She could easily say no to others and to ask others about something. It can easily share his feelings and to accept the other's. And it speaks to her increased self-assessment;

- She easily communicates with men he met on a Dating site. And not obsessing over "when, well, when she meets the one!" And it is also about self confidence, which was adequate;

- Men who now invite her on a date completely different level - the girl is comfortable with them, they do not drag it (you know where), calm, confident, and invited to the cafe, open the door in the car, in General, behave like Men. And this is again about adequate self-esteem, which was itself the result of the work.

Now it is small. A little time and then happens the main thing - to her willingness to go out privlecheny the man who suited her, and which is so de, as she ready for a serious relationship. I have no doubt!


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Olga Fedoseeva
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