the Day when we should think about the time and myself

In the shifting cloud of hazy murky

- rolling

what ever, weaker minute

and its harder to distinguish.

Igor Guberman


the World consists of systems... of the super-systems and subsystems. In this sense man is no exception. It is a system composed of subsystems: values, feelings, thoughts, behavior strategies; urinary-genital, endocrine, cardiovascular... And is he a part of the various super-systems: family, professional, community, friends, enemies, customers, citizens, but few if any. And the supersystem, in turn, are subsystems of the global system: the ethnic group, humanity, humans and so on to infinity.

each system has its own laws and rules. If they do not comply, then the system will sooner or later get rid of the item. Not easy for a person to focus on this set of systems, laws and regulations. And if these rules still unwritten... In the beginning you need to know about them, and then to understand why they exist at all, then to realize that they are more effective than vowels, formally adopted legal rules. Then you must define their attitude to this all: accept – do not accept, like it or not, I will carry – will not carry. If all of the left column is just happiness for a person. He got to where he is comfortable, he is happy, satisfied with, don't need to do any extra work, his soul does not need to work, everything has been done to him and for him, he can only live and enjoy, have fun.

And if it is not so? Literally not so. These rules of man are not suitable. He has three options: to accept... what to do? They are not instituted, not for him to change, if those rules exist, so they are most effective. Because the safety instructions are not written out of boredom and not just to order, and in order to preserve life, health and property. Each item of such written instructions blood or damage or, God forbid, dismissal and imprisonment on...

In General, if you decide to accept, then he will do all this and approve, the System will also accept and even be grateful. Any System tends to introduce men to their own values (rules). If the person is loyal, he gets a lot of bonuses, up to "career" achievement in this particular System: the head of the family, best friend, big head, party boss, etc if all the rules, written and unwritten, especially the man I absolutely agree, and they do not contradict our own inner attitudes and values. That's right and then it happens. Initially don't like something, it seems illogical and absurd, then nothing, like it should be, and well, wanted it.

Betrayed yourself? Not a fact. Rebuilt, creatively adapted. And won. And received awards.

the Next option is to fight. To change the rules, adapting them to fit your values, interests and needs. Wrestlers with systems at all times are of interest. Someone idolizes and calls the heroes, someone doesn't understand and proclaims accordingly crazy, but no one is indifferent or not enough of them. This fight is the life of man, through this struggle, he feels needed, respected, an outcast or an enemy, in General, feels alive. Often a fighter did not even know what he is fighting for what, for whom. He just used to disagree, argue and not accept, not really understanding what is offered to him. It is such a struggle for the struggle, without any super ideas and super-tasks. Way of life, to be alive.

But if this fight is flavored with a real desire to have it as the reward of man. It will attract like-minded people his obsession, will create new rules, publish them, and it will attract followers and provide him getting the coveted bonus: the head of the family, best friend, big head, party boss, etc.

the Real hero didn't give up her own principles, do not betray their ideals? Not a fact. Going to their goal, did not notice that his principles were no different than those rules, against which he rebelled. The substitution may have been in the beginning, not the rules he was fighting, not with the System, but for power.

another option is to leave. To leave this System and to look for another, more suitable one. This, too, can take a lifetime. This Outlander for various offices, partners, friends and lovers one stops and realizes that life has already passed, but he never did. The house is not built, the son is not begotten, the tree is not planted and disciples made. And most importantly, what places are good with appropriate rules for yourself never found. But you can create a new system. With its own rules. Understandable and necessary. Allowing you to enjoy every day, to feel needed, loved and respected, dependent on those who are near and love them.

Even if a person decides to build his system, he still designs his own world, his microcosm. Just ways at all different: someone is struggling, someone posing as the victim, someone is looking for, revealing its otherness.

13 Mar 2013
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