System of a traffic light for anger management is a tool that uses the traditional color of a stoplight, to teach children to manage their emotions.

the traffic light System is a tool for children 4 to 10 years, which helps them to cope with their emotions. Children at this age can identify basic emotions, but they find it difficult to manage them properly. traffic light System uses recognizable symbol of the classic stop light, to teach children to manage emotions, especially negative ones.

most of the children understand how the traffic lights because they see them every day, making it the perfect symbol for emotional control. Red means stop, yellow means waiting or slowing down, and green means care.

If you apply the colors of traffic lights to the angry kids  they will learn to manage their emotions, as if it were a game.

In this case, you may be asking yourself how to get the child to correlate his emotions with a traffic light. well, if you want to use a traffic light system, first you have to teach kids to associate colors of a traffic light with emotions and behavior. In this article I will explain the function and response of each color.

“Emotional self - awareness is the building block of the next fundamental emotional intelligence: the ability to get rid of a bad mood”.

                                                                                       Daniel Goleman

Emotional self-regulation

Why are children so important to manage your emotions? Laura chick, a psychologist and a coach for life, believes that it is important to teach children emotional control and encourage self-awareness.  She believes that it is necessary to learn to identify their emotions and how to respond to them. similarly, they need to understand that their reactions will vary depending on their mood, and they have the ability to choose the appropriate response for each situation.

In 2009, the research Pamela M. Cole stresses the importance of emotional self-regulation for kids, to help prevent more serious disorders later in life. That's why we are not in a hurry to light up a traffic light system. This is a great example of technology that can help children learn to control their emotions.

According to the study, people who do not learn these skills in childhood, the risk of getting health problems in the future.

traffic light System - that means three colors?Red

Stop it, calm down. When you can't control emotions, especially anger, you have to stop just like you stop at a red light at the intersection. If you feel overloaded with anger  you need to stop and think about what's going on with you.


Think and meditate about the problem and how you justwrite.“As I feel right now?”, “I'm mad?” Or “am I sad?” Ask the child to think about possible alternative responses and the consequences of the situation. What is the most appropriate response? What decision provides the greatest benefit?


Act to solve the problem. When the child thinks about the possible answers, he chooses the best option. Then do this to solve the problem that has arisen. the Strengthening of their positive responses is important for their learning process. According reinforcement theory Skinner, positive reinforcement helps the child to feel that his effort is justified and noted.&This encourages them to participate in the same behaviour in the future.

In conclusion, emotional regulation is a fundamental skill that should be taught to children. Adults must give children the tools to cope with such emotions as anger, fear and frustration. Given the importance of this skill, it is great that there are tools such as traffic light system, which help children to learn in an exciting and accessible form.

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