With what starts any relationship in a pair?

They begin with the fact that a man and a woman decide that it is time to end his bachelor life, all by my lonesome and look for a partner. It is very important when making this decision, be aware of what you need. Some people are driven by instincts and do not realize that being in a couple is a great work, the interchange of energies and resources. We all have certain natural needs, need love, attention, care, communication.

How to start searching your date?

we all Have our own ideals, character types and fantasy that we give them. Someone begins to change their image, someone job, someone goes on a journey, someone radically changes their place of residence, someone creates a profile on the Internet, or enters into a Dating club. All this means that the space around us starts a movement. We do not sit in place and not waiting for princes and princesses to the loss of mental equilibrium.

How to find a mate?

the World is big, and in the cities many people of both sexes, and a field for choice, and space always options we have. Often we do not pay attention to those people who walk beside us, and giving us different signals. For some reason we don't notice all the chances of happy coincidences, magical time that gives us life itself, destiny, karma, fortune. Some people are closed in their homes, persuading others, so they can live comfortably. They restrict communication with the opposite sex, work hard, silently suffering inside from loneliness, which themselves have imposed. There are other people that all the time, somewhere there, something seems to be doing, but they were not lucky in his personal life. They complain and are murmuring against my fate. They ask: did we not go there, unless we do something not so do, what else needs to be done in order to happiness we had??? These revelations they sit for hours and forgetting about yourself, about what is inside them, that other people also need light. Flock like moths are always those who Shine brightly, to those who are interesting to those who want to live, to those who make plans and implements them.

How to get out of the world of illusions into the real world?

first you need to clearly define What You need or Who You need? If You need Someone, then what? The next point is the preparation to the relationship or foreknowledge of pitfalls while in the condition of the pair. These are the steps that are absolutely all couples: 1. Period know each other (love, interest, passion, desire to be with each other 24 hours a day); 2. The conclusion that - "it's mine", "my ideal", "here It is/here It is"; 3. Falling under the charm and spell of partner (love lives a year or three, the illusion of happiness, wishes and dreams, strong dependence); 4. The test period for the couple, which are popping up all shadows of each other (easy enough, the first quarrel, conflict nowhere, claims, jealousy, possessiveness, cooling, rejection, unforgiveness, misunderstanding); 5. Want to leave (the conclusion "Oh, how I was wrong/mistaken", "it was a stranger, not a native"), the period of release and setbacks in the void (looking for a new partner – cycle, the Changeling thought); 6. The period of Mature relationships (sharing of resources, energy, a clear title (name) of the pair – "we are one", "we will not be separated and will not separate", "we link in one chain", "we are forever"; 7. The period of division or giving their accumulated energoil and resources/products to children, grandchildren, family (love unconditional); 8. Concepts such as "together forever", "to old age", "we are strong", "we are kin";

Why couples don't add up?

as a result of the counterbalance of two forces (M+W): 1. No timely separation (separation) from parents; 2. When M and W are both leaders, accustomed to rely on themselves, not trust your partner, no concessions, no compromise, no alternatives, no agreement among themselves; 3. When both are behaving like teenagers (family scripts), I don't want to grow up; 4. Distorted projection, which is passed on to a new partner and the relationship with them; 5. New partner carries the burden of responsibility for bad, failed relationships his partner in his past (the same arguments, the same conflicts, complaints). Partner are in trouble, because he is absolutely his own, completely opposite experience with the opposite sex; 6. When both transmit to each other their unsuccessful scenario of the relationship in a pair, take them for your own, confused, did not react to the words and actions of the partner do not want to work on yourself and to notice the obvious;

What to do?

to Observe, record information, communicate with each other, to learn to understand actions and deeds partner.

system vector relationship as a couple

you Need to remember that: 1. The development of one's personality is impossible without self-realization in a pair; 2. We can't be happy without a harmonious partnerships; 3 People create a "Union of two different people" who should learn to complement and fill each other; 4. How to do it? Each of them must invest in relationship is something of his own (individual, unique). In order to get something new and vibrant, something that is inherent only to his partner (potential, behavior, traits, personal qualities);

By what criteria is a primary the choice of a partner?

  1. differentiating the vector in human, we can deeply understand all of its predispositions and aspirations (psychological type of individual, temperament, health, habits of the individual, character);
  2. Extroverts/introverts, leaders/doers, the optimists/pessimists, realists/dreamers, logic/practice, visual/auditory/kinesthetic, social-role (host/hostess, servant/slave, the archetypes of the gods, zodiacal pair);
  3. Positive vectors perfectly feel each other and understand. They are able to find a soul mate among the crowd and select it. Your partner You will feel at once: the intellect, the manner of communication and behavior, ease of collaboration, coincidence of interests;
  4. Opposite vectors, You agree to the terms of the partner. As long as everything was in moderation, otherwise it will be detrimental/destructive for a relationship, harmony will not;

the Ability to be in a long-term partnership relations is a hard work and patience. To ensure that Your relationship evolved harmoniously need to try hard. Both sides have to participate. What You agree? What You agree to do nothing? It is only Your personal decision. I repeat my phrase: the World is Big, and in the cities many people of both sexes, and a field for choice, and space always have.

I Wish you All harmony in pair!

Yuliya Vadimovna
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