Systematic career guidance for teenagers


the guidance System consists of 3 steps. I analyzed the existing approaches, and anyway, they're all about the same.

STEP 1 is an internal study. Defining interests and abilities of the teenager, his personal qualities, aspirations, and desired lifestyle.

Also, this definition of readiness of a teenager to choose a profession. In fact, it's one thing to understand that likes and wants, and quite another – to make an independent decision and follow it.

"Knowing the path and walking the path are not one and the same," tells us "the Matrix".

STEP 2 is the external research. Explore the world of professions, occupations, fields of study. Familiarity with modern trends. Communication with professionals.

a Huge number of adolescents are unable to make an informed choice due to the fact that I do not know what to choose! Don't know how to find out.

STEP 3 is a decision and drawing up a realistic plan for the future. Here we are often faced with resistance – after all, completely solve the is no easy task.

It may be accompanied by fears, insecurities, doubts, dependence on the opinion of others, stubbornness, the unwillingness. And in the process of a teenager would be good to accompany it, or the choice of profession will take a long time.

Contrary to popular belief, the process of vocational guidance does not stop after selecting a University. At every point of his life we are able to explore themselves and the professional world, and regularly take career decisions.

When is the best time to start, you ask? the sooner, the better. Telling your child about your job, you already preferentiale. But intensively to this process should be approached with 12-14 years.

mostly, they come to counseling for 1 step. Step 2 is something else how do who is better, who is worse. And step 3 and don't understand why select is still difficult, because what you done!

If you like this approach to career counseling, I invite you and your teenager working together. Work individually and to result. Systemically, over 1.5-2 months.

the First meeting is free. is Needed in order to explore, analyze what has been done at the moment and what remains to decide is comfortable for us with you together to go this way.

to Sign up for first consultation through drugs.

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