family therapy is working on the awareness of the underlying subconscious processes that generate a problem in family, with the aim to find a solution to it. br>
Its appearance method is required to many authors, a famous American, Milan, Heidelberg, Milwacky school. Stand out of the systemic family constellation B. Hellinger and direction by V. Satir and T. Andersen. br>
We are particularly close to the approach of V. Satir and T. Andersen, their theoretical views on the processes taking place in the family system, and their therapeutic approach, in particular, and a session family therapy co-therapist.

Family data the authors considered as a coordinated system in which all the resources for the development of each member.

If the family is a system that all members of this system are interconnected, as gears in the clockwork: changing one inevitably changes another... Therefore, if at least one member of the family, life is not comfortable, it affects the whole family. This is manifested in multiple and chronic interpersonal conflicts that arise on the basis of intrapersonal conflicts, one or both of the spouses, parents and children...

Therefore, the solution to intrapersonal conflict of this member (members) of the family, the restoration of balance and harmony with yourself and the world around them, is the key to restoring family well-being of all of its members.

One of the methods that we use in working with families that are systemic family constellations in the figures, the construction of the sand world with My family.

a Measure of loyalty the restoration of the family comfort is the state of the client (smooth feeling, no discomfort in the body...), signs of physical and mental ease, the desire to restore peace and prosperity in the family.

And on this positive dynamic in the soul of the client is not the end, on the contrary, it is just beginning, and the result may be manifested immediately, but may be deferred.

of Course, one direction of therapy, even a well developed theoretically, is not enough to deeply examine the roots of the problems. As a rule, requires a connection and other equally effective methods of psychotherapy. Therefore, we use an integrative approach to solving customers ' problems, both personal and family that we have formed in the GROWTH therapy. And family system therapy is one of the stages of this work on our system.

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