Systems for self hypnosis Trigger-TRANS and Dialogue

Before I tell you which system to self hypnosis I offer customers, I will remind once again the essence of these systems.

Besides the fact that you are in hypnosis to receive initiation, to hypnosis you are doing all the necessary preparatory work.

What does it include?

first, you should have a desire or need. Often the need, because in the method "carrot and stick" the universe doesn't stand on ceremony, and first selects the whip. The desire to solve their problems through the subconscious. This in itself is commendable, but somewhat one-sided and expectations are usually high. To do any of the subconscious, as if it was not effective in your interaction, do not forget that it was doing some work inside you. Gives you some impulses and opportunities. But, if you begin to raise your butt off the couch, nothing has changed, in spite of all the efforts of the subconscious. Want to be healthy and beautiful? Here you have the need!

Intention. It's the magical layer between the "would be nice" and "I'll do it!"

Power. If not, then you are a child ate a little porridge.

Will. Without that component, the Ilya Muromets would have remained on the stove.

This is a basic and obvious primary set.

after a Little thinking and with all this, you fall into the clutches of some specialist who will help you communicate with the subconscious. And this is the whole history of conversations and agreements. What goals you pursue, how and what will agree, depends on the end result.

I Remind you that I, for one, spend a full training and not only the installation of the system. At least, if you refuse to work with the subconscious, at least you'll know what you're missing.

But, fundamentally there is no difference how you reach the result. You can do this, and the usual tools and can do it even with the help of the subconscious.

a Trivial example of weight loss, when the client sits on a diet and activities and achieves results. But if he did it with the help of the subconscious, it is, for example, suggested to him that in the first place to drop resentments, anger and rest more. Then the result will be more stable, fast and easy.

after Passing this long way – for some it is really long and I had to communicate with people who are Mature years - you have a choice.

it Turns out the subconscious mind can be treated in different ways. I already wrote that this can be done by speaking directly or indirectly, through its internal part that helps in simple requests and performing the administrator role. This is the main difference of the system to self hypnosis "Trigger-TRANS" from the system Dialog.

the Choice of how to access the subconscious mind is solely on individual considerations. No difference in the results will not!

I would advise you to go a shorter way, that is, speaking through the "Trigger-TRANS" who's confident that most of the work he will conduct, turning to a Higher power. Those who want to Tinker yourself, to do something with the body, to solve some internal problems, it is better to work through a "Dialogue".

In any case, if you're not going to stop, then you are waiting for interesting phenomena. Then the basic skills of communication with the unconscious mind will show you the alphabet, without which it is impossible, but which is inadequate.

Matveev Valeriy
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