Сюжет из терапии "Хочу и точка! Почему я не Бог?!"

CUSTOMER: a young woman, about 30 years old, divorced (client has given consent to the use of a plot without specification of any personal data)

WORK FORM: personal meeting (counseling + holistic massage*)

PROBLEM: can Not definitively end the relationship with her ex-husband which has difficulty building new relationships.

you Know, a short article easier to read and easier to understand what they are — I admit my area of growth is short! I will try this time to write the most brief!

Well, now to the topic!!! I have to say, it was not declared by the client as request, and even advice we touched this topic only edge, but I found it interesting and stoyuschey publicity!

Young, beautiful, had achieved a lot in this life, a woman comes to a psychologist — as is often found?! Believe me, unfortunately, quite often, and it doesn't matter how successful it is outside — if inside the fatigue and emptiness there, where the love for yourself and your family and the energy to move towards your desires!

to achieve my client helped willpower and a rational approach to events, multiplied by a large internal reserve of energy, desire to move and achieve! Don't think I'm just praising the client — no! is for clarity of the thread, which I will hold through the article. After all, those qualities began to come to an end and signal the need to look closely at yourself and your Inner Child.

without tiring long foreplay, will! During the massage, the client emerged a sense of a little girl six years old, who really wants something and right now, petulantly stamping her foot, wants to give her it now!

to listen to objections and even more so to hear the bans it does not intend to immediately take offense... I Think you already drew this adorable little angel!? The girl genuinely does not understand why she cannot get what she wants, and wants very much right now!? And you know why?

We spoke with the client as to soften the sadness and disappointment of a little girl who can help and tell her about our limitations. It would be best to hear from mom, but mom in this role, the client has to see couldn't, so I decided to go the other way and have entrusted this important assignment the client in its adult form.

It was not so simple, to the eyes of the clients began to come tears and was very difficult just to say about love itself. Came anyone's throat, and it was not possible to speak it out loud, just mentally tell the little girl about everything. At this point the client felt in the chest area of the weight, conventional sports, pulling her to the couch down and hanging on a thin thread. This thread was so thin that the client was wondering why she still isn't over... in describing these images, she began to make vague hand movements that my submission was manifested and it became clear that this was an attempt to break a thread.

When it was said a client of her emotions has increased significantly almost to hysterics, but we managed to get them under control, thanks to one effective reception. Sure, you want that I share it with You, right?! For this you need to concentrate on your breathing and to breathe a stomach, slowly inflating and blowing it. This technique will allow You to quickly enough to resume control of their condition and to avoid tantrums. Honestly!

And we're back to what is happening in the session! And there happened next.

the Following motion was different, the girl was important to get support from myself and this movement was a hug — Yes, it was important just to hug myself and cry... Some time, we hugged her (I was with her permission, I also embraced a bit of her shoulders), and then the emotions leveled, and the client was able to approach the girl of six years, who wanted love and attention. She was able not only to approach the girl and take her to my home to meet with your child, to regain that little frozen in the distant past a piece of my soul...

the Girl heard the word adult itself, and believed — NOT DEADLY, when NOT ALL WISHES come true — and it was a very important emotional experience for the client.

many will Not philosophize, I just want to say that here I see my piece of the growing child, when he understands "I am not God". How a kid can cope with that awareness that is so stable in the future, it will be to the limitations of their desires and possibilities are so open to new experiences! After all, desire is the motivation to move and if to cling to the desire, which while not impossible to implement a huge amount of energy spent in the void, devastating person. Not having desires, man loses the ability to move forward and get the energy from this rush to obtain the desired!!!

I Wish you to dream and to enjoy the implementation of the desired!!!

Shakhova Elena
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