Сюжет из терапии "с «Дюймовочкой» в сердце"

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CUSTOMER: a Young woman, about 30 years old, mom, housewife, with active life position.

WORK FORM: by phone (published with permission from client)

problem: the Complex relationship with her husband, have a decision to make, but very scary.

the Client has (.) had a lot of emotions associated with family life and inner experiences, leading the conversation, I was given the opportunity to reflect on certain situations. Talking to me K. could be adopted and look at the situation from the outside. Given that the work could only be conducted on the phone - for the removal of excessive tension in the subject of decision making, associated with family life — I was adopted tactics operate because after the symptom (the painful memory, real bodily pain, discomfort, etc.), as the most environmentally friendly. In the interview identified several pain points at the moment, the story of one of them, I'll tell...

... In the conversation I felt some strong pain (in the throat and in the chest near the heart), for their study, I proposed using visualization to focus their attention where it hurts — images visualization was very vivid and emotional. Moving through the maze of the subconscious, we came to the recollection of early childhood

"a Little girl 5 years old sitting alone in a room... waiting for her mom... the girl is very afraid and sad that mommy left her alone..."

Presenting all this, K. superbad, but under my control calmed down and, following issues, found an opportunity to help this girl. Failed to see the need for the mother to submit this image of my mother and how she comes back and protects the girl. Gives her care and protection.

In my opinion, this little girl - repressed part of the personality K. and I offered to take the baby out of the room of memories, where she has been reunited with her adult part. K. from the adult state managed to present itself next to hug the girl and wanted to take her, but...

there was a question "I can't bring her home. Where can I take her?" This question is associated with a complex family situation. and to resolve this issue we had to move a little to the side, to other bodily characteristics. The first part of the visualisation has been associated with the symptom of sore throat, where the sensation softened and I offered to draw attention to the chest pain the heart.

Undergoing a transformation worthy of a separate description, because seen in the heart, grew a magic flower — a bright and delicate blue bell. He was a wonderful, giving life and a feeling of joy. And then K. the idea that a flower in the heart wonderfully to fit the house. A small house, where she could pick up his little girl "Thumbelina".

this magical note, it would be possible to finish by saying that K. felt better and all her problems were forgotten... but it's not as... K got a resource for making myself, found a little part of myself that allowed with more sincere attitude to give support to yourself. Through these small steps my K. go toward a solution to their problems!

Shakhova Elena
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