Тафофилия не болезнь!

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In the old days, when I was a young girl, I was enjoying the Russian rock....Was looking for a match for his melancholy-anxious soul, attained the contemplation of Gothic lyrics the Petersburg group "picnic"...Remember at least this:

Night rustles over my head Like a vampire's black cloak, We go by side – These games are not for us.

or the apotheosis of vampire Chronicles:

He goes to walk the moon,
In the far garden, where the night without a bottom,
Where outside the fence cast iron
Haunting girl haunting the girl one.

Her eyelids slightly opened,
Branch withered in the hands
Hectic flush
Leads the dance on the cheeks, leads the dance on the cheeks.

In General, the night theme is not for the cowardly and insecure...Taphophilia. from ancient Greek. ταφή (tafe) — "funeral, burial" + φιλíα (Philia) "love, attraction" a state of heightened interest or desire (not sexual!) to cemeteries, gravestones, cemeteries.

colleagues, a dispute arose: taphophilia - disease or not? Voiced my position, I heard very different opinions regarding this peculiar condition. However, the scientific approach is.
anyway, one of the most challenging issues in the scientific worldview is the understanding of "rules". And many colleagues will agree with me...DLa why this rule is needed? What is considered the norm?

the Fact that the young teenage girl from an educated family of officers and teachers once cut a pair of jeans, made punctures in the ears, nose and navel, is the norm or pathology?

Understanding parents, through the culture of hipsters and the Beatlemania, will relate to the child's behavior, at least with humor and easy. "Like - Hey rock! Grunge! Industrial! Just don't do drugs!". Yes, God forbid...

And if a child comes in this form home to parents inadequate, far from understanding and awareness of their parent mission, then at least the child will have to wait for German spanking ripped jeans,and as a maximum - it will be granted campaign to the psychiatrist...And complaints.

So, the concept of norm is very slippery...And then that person can be a source of inspiration, stimulating his personal growth, creative development, are not always perceived as the norm, and caring relatives hastily conclude "sick in the head."

and with taphophilia. That is, resource state in a peaceful walk through the old cemetery, of course, different from the pathological desire prebyvaniya in a cemetery, sleeping on graves, and to bring back from the graveyard some things...And besides, those who believe taphophilia disease, normalnym the human condition, faced with trivial fear of Death...For this cohort of people Death is a stop of their own life, accompanied by primitive propositions, and because of intellectual limitations Death cannot be understood as a sociocultural phenomenon.

the Norm is that a person glorifies decadence, Death, decadence? the Aesthetics of European cemeteries attracts him. Isn't it beautiful tombstones of the cemeteries of the Old world and the New, whether it's the Victorian era or even earlier historical periods? Isn't calling out the admiration of the sculpture, which depicts a complex set of emotions, brokenness, suffering and glimmers of hope...?

When the man whose melancholic temperament does not accept the world with its false values, its pseudo-culture, is walking alone through the cemetery, something invisible that creates the desired point of the Assembly...to gather my thoughts in the city of Eternity, to live.
Hope Arkhangelsk
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