Так что же... логика или эмоции?! Как жить?


again came upon a formulation that is stable stamp... it's about the juxtaposition of logic and emotion, though it is a situation of "either/or", that is, according to this view, there are people who use only logic or only emotion, and make a choice in favor of one or the other - consciously.

by the Way, it is often possible to meet such a stereotype regarding the presentation of men and women, where women are perceived living based on emotions and men – on the basis of logic.

today I want to remind not only the futility, but also about the actual fallacy of such representations.

As always in my reasoning, first of all, you need to forget about the division by gender, to talk about our species as a whole. My opinion – the most biological, that is natural.

Start with the fact that emotions and logic – these are the stages/levels of processing, entering the body of information. And already right here is refuted by the principle of "either/or", because without passing one stage, the next impossible. This is the physiology of.

it Remains only to clarify what level of these two comes first and everything will fall into place.

... the first level from before us, always are – Emotions. All people (men and women) are creatures that have emotions prevail over logic. How so?

it's simple. Emotions are more ancient, and so... basic compared to logic level/stage of processing of incoming information, its always first get emotions. One reason for this is the high speed at which emotions interact with information.

However, if we are reasoning to do a full, emotions are not very first level/stage, providing the response of the organism to the external environment and information processing.

The more distant in the order of evolution the level, the greater role he plays.

For example, the first level, without which we are not able to exist is a. (such as breathing and swallowing). They're like the most primitive, but in fact the most important.

Next level – instincts, meaning something that provides an opportunity of self-preservation, reproduction, Association, development, etc.

This is the primary biological programs that are the first to receive information and process it.

Emotions were an evolutionary add-on instincts, they are more complex, subtle, and largely conscious, but... at the same time, emotions did not repeal any of the instincts or reflexes.

and more recently relative to the evolutionary scale, the development of the Neocortex of the brain – appeared thinking (the logic) in more or less our understanding. And at the moment – the logic of the final level of information processing, which finally decrypts it, translating into understandable language. But thinking could not circumvent or replace all previous levels, in particular emotions.

So, if you look at the person objectively, without the social stereotypes that 99.9% ideologically biased, it becomes obvious that emotions and logic is not the alternatives that can be arbitrarily chosen, and the parts of a single process that has a strict sequence in which emotions are always process the information first and without them – the logic is simply unavailable.

And people, regardless of sex, who strenuously pretending that they have emotions prevail over logic, even proud of it, we live with a distorted picture of the world, seeing it and yourself in it is wrong. The consequence may be increased aggression, loss of ability to do work, decrease in ability to establish and maintain a close relationship.

For a healthy life a person should not exclude or deny some part of yourself. Emotions and logic (thinking) is the unique mechanisms that allow us to be us. Learn about how it works your body, develop the different aspects of it and then... life will be much more fulfilled and complete.

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