Так кто же Я?!


have you ever Thought ever about how much you spend energy trying to be someone you really are not? No, I do not think we are not talking about clinical cases in psychiatric practice, and about reality in everyday life. Then, perhaps, I'll rephrase the question differently. Do you realize that trying to conceal your true nature, with its advantages and disadvantages? And do you notice how much energy they spend on it?
Many people are embarrassed to talk about their strengths, but to recognize their own shortcomings, let me tell you, from experience, very unpleasant. But is there a greater freedom than the ability
to present yourself as you are, that is real? Finally remove the mask and not to try alien to the role, to get rid of stress, which is crazy from what you need to meet way, to breathe and to allow yourself the most incredible desires. the
Fear and shame prevent us to gain freedom! Since childhood we used to hear from the family how we should behave and what should be to comply with the generally accepted normal. Over time, what we heard once from his family, remains in our memory and consciousness, and to show ourselves as we really are can't, because ashamed. Ashamed to be with their ideas and desires. Afraid of facing condemnation and otverzhennym, so the usual way we choose to put on a mask, instead allow yourself to "be real."
What are you now, in this moment? Maybe you are experiencing sadness and loneliness? Then why for others you pretend that you are all well, and do not share with them potato that you have in mind? How are you at this stop? Fantasize about what your problems are useless and not important and you are so "heavy" that it is better to smile and not to burden anyone with his worries. Maybe in your parent's family had a rule:"Who cares about grief?! Only you can help yourself!"
each of you will live in her own difficult story that forced you into a particular point in time to play a role in someone else's play, and not be a Director of his own plays. So how to find freedom and become the Director of your own life? The answer is simple - learn to be yourself. For this you need to accept, love and allow yourself to be who you are now, with all the advantages and disadvantages. In the moment when you admit to yourself that is imperfect, you no longer waste energy on denial of his own unique nature. You begin to better understand ourselves and, therefore, clearer to talk about themselves and their needs to others, and thus better contact with them, not hiding from them, like you did before.

Irina Baeva
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