Такая гонимая и пугающая злость

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To me for advice often quiet and reserved clients. Looking at them you can easily see a diligent student and a good child to their parents. Usually with them is no hassle. br>
more and more immersed in the work of emerge different situation from the past, some sad, some sad. And with them, customers are not without resistance, but there are. br>
Boycott and resistance begins when she comes...anger. It's probably one of the frightening and reject the senses. So that adults people sitting in the office of the psychologist is not ready to even look in her direction. Deny it, her fear, trying to reassure himself. But not to look her directly in the eye. br>
So, one of the clients instead of anger at my mom and dad for my childhood alone crumpling the handkerchief and calmed himself down. When I asked her angrily together, she for the first time able to say that she missed their love and warmth, that she was sad and lonely, and that she cannot understand and forgive. br>
Yes, she have heard since childhood that being angry is impossible, and that mad only bad children. Like many other children. You can understand their parents not knowing what to do with their anger, they ban kids from the same sense experience. br>
more surprise when and colleagues-psychologists call anger the ignorant sense. As and when a natural reaction to the environment has become ignorant? Yes, it is unpleasant to see and meet with their anger or someone else. In turn, the anger lets you know that somewhere went crashing, needs are not being met, boundaries are violated.

Yes, anger Zap unfulfilled expectations that other can read our minds and is not obliged to conform to our desires and all aspirations of the soul. But the anger arose. Need something nerealizovannoe, I want love, support, and success! Just isn't there.

Anger and other feelings, our helper. And if not to escape from it, not to ignore, it is possible to access tremendous energy, and how do choice.

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Babko Catherine
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