Такая важная штука, как любовь к себе.


Many people nowadays have difficulty in interpersonal relationships such as, excessive pleasing of others, a constant feeling of resentment, or, conversely, guilt, dependence on the opinions of others, inability to say "no" and so on.

In fact, all these problems have the same root - the inability to love yourself. It is this phenomenon which gives rise to the fact that the person doesn't feel worthy of respect as a personality; constantly demands attention; wants to get love from all; losing himself in the other. In short, the person is out of balance.

Let's see - what love?

For starters, love is full acceptance. You take responsibility for your actions, allow yourself to make mistakes and to correct mistakes. As a man who loves gives his love unselfishly and does not require the other fulfill their desires, doing everything in order to achieve them. To love yourself means to wish for the best, to be able to protect ourselves, protect from negativity, and cultivate good qualities, discipline, develop, etc for themselves friends who will always help and will never break you.

Imagine if you have no example of love - love for yourself, how can you love someone else? And when you love yourself, you realize that this is a huge grace that I want to give all of the just.

What is most interesting: when you know what love is - you start to appreciate life and personality to others without understanding their life, not changing it.

Love, she is not proud, not humiliated, she does not feel strong, unsettling emotions. This state of balance, of meditation. The most productive state of all.

Now let's talk about the practical part of - HOW to LOVE YOURSELF?

I offer you the following techniques and methods :

- Talk with "mirror"

Talk of his own reflection; be alert to the traits that you think are very beautiful; give yourself compliments. But most important - TAKE IT SERIOUSLY! SPEAK FROM THE HEART! (repeat 3 times a day for 3 minutes, for 3 weeks).

- Praise yourself for any achievements, even the smallest.

- Clean your mind from negative thoughts:

1. Pent-up emotions write on the paper if you want to send a letter to the offender, but, of course, won't do it. Write no more than 1 page A4. Write whatever comes to mind without thinking about the consistency, punctuation and spelling. Your goal - to blow off steam.

2. Imagine in your head, what are you doing to the offender what you want. Thus, you take your negative emotions and do not accumulate.

3. Go and "tubesite" pillow or something that is not particularly affected.

- Meditate and relax:

1. Concentrate on your breathing for 15-20 minutes;

2. Imagine a favorite place, experiencing the feelings that you felt, being there, feeling the air, the light of the sun, the temperature and other characteristics of the area - 15-20 minutes

3. Visualize the candle, concentrate on that, to be able to see her clearly, 15-20 minutes.


Remember, all that we see in others is inherent in ourselves. So, think about and write down the qualities that annoy you in others, find them in yourself and try to change them.

personal development - a very long way, but it's worth it!

Tulegenova Zhuldyz
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