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a young mom

In every age of motherhood from the point of view of a psychologist has both positive and negative traits. However, the most protected, of course, are the mothers aged 20-25 years, and the most vulnerable young mothers. However, each case must be considered individually: at any age it all depends on how expectant mothers are willing to adapt to his condition and adapt to your baby.

motherhood is a focus on the child, the ability to intuitively feel what the baby wants. Young moms with this common problems. It's not even the fact that pregnancy and childbirth are physically heavier. Of course, they get tired, they can not go up at night to the child, but usually they recover quite quickly after childbirth. But in addition to physical fatigue, and possible psychological difficulties: young mom very long time can not psychologically adjust to the child. This is normal. In adolescence, girls are much more interesting to communicate with friends and girlfriends than with infants.

However, this does not mean that the children of moms – Teens — miserable. On the contrary, if we compare them with their peers, these children are more independent, active and mobile. They know how to get their way, they are inquisitive and sociable — all because a young mother indirectly encouraged early growing up child. Because mom needs to work and study, while grandma's still young enough (build a career, have personal lives and are not ready to take on the education of grandchildren), those children previously given to the nursery and kindergartens, which also contributes to their rapid socialization.

Tips for parents

the News that your teenage daughter is pregnant can be unexpected, but it happens often enough. This news means that family life will change. And parents to help your daughter cope with change and challenges that are ahead for her.

after Learning that the teenage daughter is expecting a baby, parents experience a storm of different emotions, from shock and disappointment to grief and worry about the future. Some parents feel guilty, thinking that if they'd done more to protect the child, this wouldn't have happened. And while some parents are confused by the pregnancy of their child, and they worry about the reaction of his family, his friends and neighbors, others are happy that soon they will have a grandson or granddaughter, especially when their daughter is older than 16, and she has a serious relationship with the father of the child.

Regardless of what feelings you are experiencing, it is important to realize that your daughter needs you now more than ever. The reality of a growing and developing child means that you will have to reject your initial feelings for your daughter, and your grandson or granddaughter.

to be able to communicate with each other, especially when passions run high, the most important thing. Adolescents who bears a child, special health concerns, and your daughter would rather take the pregnancy emotionally and physically if he knows she's not alone.

more recently, the most serious concern of your daughter had to choose what to wear and where to go with friends. Now she is dealing with nausea in the morning, and regular visits to the doctor. Her world is turned on its head.

the Majority of unmarried adolescents are not planning a pregnancy, and it is truly scary when that happens. Many Teens, especially those who are not yet 17, hide the pregnancy, because the fear of disappointing and angering his parents. Some may even themselves not to admit that she is pregnant, and this is another reason why parents are especially important time to intervene to ensure the daughter's medical supervision as soon as possible. Teenage pregnancies are at risk, as the organism of future mother is not yet fully formed and continues to grow.

Many Teens are becoming parents find themselves completely unprepared for the stresses that brings out the child, and are experiencing frustration, resentment and even anger toward their newborns. This partly explains why young parents often neglected their children and poorly treated. You might want to talk to your daughter about how you can help her to cope with nervous tension, to make it better able to endure changes in life. Maybe she wants to communicate with other people who have small children to better understand what it means to bear a child.

Perhaps the Ob / GYN will recommend your daughter to attend classes for expectant mothers, where they talk about pregnancy, birth and childcare. Some classes (some of which is held especially for Teens) can help her to prepare for the practical side of motherhood, giving her the skills of feeding, diaper changing, security, baby and other major methods of child care.

teenage Boys who are going to become fathers also need the involvement of parents. Although some boys may welcome the appearance of a child, the most fearful and guilt, and they should talk about the responsibility for their actions. This does not mean, however, that need to force their children to engage in unwanted marriage. Offer advice, but remember that imposing your will and threats likely in the future will lead to negative consequences. There is no single universal solution. Open communication will help you and your child when discussing the future.

the family Council it is also important to consider many practical matters. Some teenage girls raising their babies alone, and some together with the baby's father, some rely on the help of family members. As a parent, you need to think about your degree of involvement and commitment and discuss the issue with the daughter. What support – financial or other – you can and are willing to provide? Will your daughter and her baby live with you? Can you look after the child while your daughter is at school or at work?

it is Advisable that pregnant adolescent girls are continuing their education. Education will give them the opportunity to find a good job and provide for themselves and their child. It's not easy, and many pregnant girls drop out of school. And to continue the education after a long break, it is extremely difficult, so offer your daughter the support needed to ensure that she was able to get an education – so it will be better and your daughter, and your grandson or granddaughter. Use these forms of schooling, such as home or individual tuition, externship, etc.

Help your daughter to understand that no matter how nice it was to have a child, a little man, who loves you with all my heart, it's not always a pleasure; having a baby is a huge responsibility, and for life. Prepare your teenage daughter to reality, explain to her that she would have less time for entertainment and everything to which she was accustomed to that the baby should be first on the list of priorities.

As a parent, you can have a huge impact on the lives of your daughter and her child. May you continue to regret what happened. But supporting the daughter, providing her good medical care and sharing with them her fears and anxieties you may discover in the future that you both became much better parents.

If you are unable to cope with your feelings, talk to someone you trust, or look for professional help. Disinterested third party can be of great help in such a situation.

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