the Logic is based on facts and experience, justifies actions and always got something to prove. Intuition, in contrast, never explains why we should act one way or another. She just knows.

Intuition is the ability to pick answers out of the space. If the question is asked – the answer always comes. It just needs skill recognition. When a decision is made to trust intuition, then attention begins to focus on getting intuitive answers. The more focus on contact with your intuition, the more practice, the person becomes more sensitive to the receipt of responses.

of Course, at first, in the practical use of intuition is hard to believe, as a logical way of thinking looks more realistic. In intuition you do not believe, but try to trust her, at least in making minor decisions for the sample stands. And suddenly it really work? Because if not, everyone just stay at his.

to catch the answer to your question, it is important to calm down, to enter a state of equilibrium. Because normally my head is swarming with thousands of thoughts, forming chaotic noise, which "hear" is really true of them difficult. It is therefore important to be in a relaxed state, almost equal to the state of mindfulness, because then the number of thoughts and their speed is greatly reduced, and the ability to hear your intuition increases. The better the condition, the better it is heard. You should never make decisions in a state of excitement, whether of joyful enthusiasm or the animosity and hostility. The best is stay in peace and tranquility.

Intuition "speaks" through associations, feelings and images, or it may manifest itself through the word when a person freely says what comes to his mind. Note that at this point he does not reason logically, logic will be needed later. After the question is asked, you need to listen to yourself. If came the emotions that can be attributed to the positive spectrum, then intuition says "Yes". If there is a feeling of resistance, reluctance, or as if something goes wrong, then the answer is "no". Mixed feelings is the answer, probably not. In this case, it is necessary to correct the issue, make it as simple as possible, and ask again. You can repeatedly ask the same question, each time receiving a number of new associations, listening to their coloration and interpreting them. Here is the moment when the time came for the logic.

whether to select a intuitive way of decision-making or to remain in a familiar framework, the question that everyone is responsible for himself. If you still decide to trust your intuition, it can be your ally forever.

PS the Picture of "Painting souls", the author Mary AMI

Elena Borisovna
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