Такие страшно забавные компьютерные игры


Now you get the picture. And imagine that You are 6 years or older..... you are watching a cartoon, playing harmless games in the Internet, browsing videos in YouTube and here jumps sharply here this picture

Writing this article by chance from the September practices, and we have only 7 September, three children with fears of this character, meet "MOMO"

the danger:

- the picture appears suddenly, when the baby is completely absorbed into view

- children after the appearance of MOMO I'm afraid to even mention the name of the character

- tell each other and be group fears

the Study lends itself to MOMO at the initial stage will not say easy, but fear can be quickly removed.

Parents, if your child complains to You that he was scared of something on the Internet, refer to a specialist, specific fears they should be clean.

a Few tips for parents:

-after 20:00 we strongly recommend not to include gadgets, TV, computer, telephone

children with sensitive nervous system, is not recommended for any computer and television technologies, more than 1 hour a day.

-please note, if your child has fears, which appear when various sounds (of water, of the rustling, sharp sounds), there is a reason to go to a psychologist, because all the children who came to the reception, was standard queries "increased anxiety".

-observe which programs, channels, and watching your child

And remember that there is an information war, the number of dependent children and adults from technology grows.......

I'm sure that in many cartoons is the so-called third floor, our children's program ( AGGRESSION, DISOBEDIENCE, LACK of MOTIVATION, LEAD TO PRED NEUROSIM STATES)

read more about cartoons and games in the following articles

I'd love to know the feeling of adults from seeing the pictures, how you feel, how many seconds can watch.

Dear parents, do not experiment, do not show this image to children!



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Radionova Victoria

Radionova Victoria
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