Талант — это в первую очередь хорошо закрепленный навык


Any well-honed skill, and every achievement is always based on the repetitions. An obvious fact, but many people forget about it.

Recently, at a meeting of our men's club (by the way, will write more news soon) one of the participants to be a moderatorhe was watching the timing so that each said at certain times, correctness of setting goals, recording the performance criteria of these goals, recording different parameters, and sometimes were confused.

In the end he said to me, "I don't know how you do it yourself, to listen, to write, to comment, to remind you". To me it seems simple — I have moderated these meetings, and it is easy.

Also I can now do push-UPS, make beats on trainings, write posts and much more. Once it was all complicated, especially in the beginning.

But the more you do, the more you push the action to automatism — the better it gets, the more opportunities open, as the old actions do not demand any effort of the brain, and these efforts can be directed to improving and inventing new solutions.

pretty soon in any case you start very different from those who just started. You are faster, smarter, smarter, stronger, just because he done it thousands of times.

""There are no shortcuts"

"There are no shortcuts — everything is reps, reps, reps" ("there is No short way through replays, replays, replays"), said the former Governor of California and part of a well-known bodybuilder.

Pavel Durov was thin, but he is now Frank the Jock. It is a thousand and first fact in favor of the fact that any, even the most scrawny nerd, with a great amount of strength sports, will reach success.

Yuri Gagarin possessed extraordinary talents, he was humble and simple man, but a man who is well disciplined, consistent, persistent, and in good physical condition because regularly doing myself.

"What is sales? It 100 times to failure and 1 time consent" — said Chichvarkin.Another famous astronaut Chris Hatfield was described as blind in the open space, but didn't panic and knew what to do, because what on Earth was hundreds and hundreds of workouts, which included all sorts of disaster, including blindness."I could write so many good books? Very simple: 200 fucking lines every day" — some famous writer.Richard Feynman (physicist, Nobel laureate and one of the developers of the atomic bomb) just tried everything, so famous for his antics. He wanted to crack safes — he learned to do it — he began to crack safes military on a military base. Wanted to play the drums? Learned to play the drums - participated in the carnival in Rio. He didn't have this talent, he just did it all many times.

a Mathematician, a hunter, a drummer, a boyfriend for the ladies

Bruce Lee said, "I'm not afraid of a man who has learned 10,000 kicks, I fear the person who repeated 1 kick 10,000 times".

If you give a housewife 1 year, textbooks on higher mathematics and computer science, and creating the need to study them, she can fully understand the blockchain and bitcoin.

She will not die from terms hash, proof of work and others. Maybe everything happen much faster.

After hundreds of consultations with different people, learning their characters and handwritings, I can only agree with Malcolm Gladwell, author of the book "Geniuses and outsiders" that talent is first and foremost lots and lots of reps, and only then due to these repetitions of the direct and indirect results. I've seen smart people who have done nothing in their lives. And modest and medium-sized individuals (in terms of skills) that have achieved outstanding results.

it does not Matter, we write articles, code do basic movements in dances, sell a service, draw a picture, start businesses, conduct consultations, awards in (cyber)sport talent can only be called one who has done it many times, which gave him a depth of understanding of the issue.
Domrachev Paul
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