Tale 5 minutes


When women gather in number of more than three – lots of different interesting can happen, especially if the profession they all are sooooo creative! )

the Meeting was called master class and one presenter stood up , and shaking a cloth bag, busily said, a story we write now! Time – 5 minutes!

Presenter went to all those present, offering to pull out of the bag one at random.

Each stretched and with interest considered the hero of your story right now and write.

Ladies "buzzed", so like 5 minutes for the tales seemed very small.

But! The condition for all! Started...

under time pressure it is difficult to rationalize, and most of the attendees were famous for this way of avoiding the experience).

after 5 minutes, most were ready tale!

One after another every read your creation!

Each time I marvel at how little we know of people who spend most of his life working routine. Curious how many came from friends-priznakami "girls"!

Math and choose – whose tale will play and analyze.

the story was about a Monster. Rather about Monsters. There were a few, or rather of three.

Out of the bag, the woman pulled out a toy flower. Decided that it was a Scarlet flower. Well, the tale came out, respectively ....about Monsters in a woman's life.

the First Beast "spun" to her head and awarding the favorite child, "disappeared in the fog."

the Second Monster at all, it was a Monster-Clown: married, cheerful and utterly infantile!

And the third Monster ...favorite....taught woman different miracles-wisdom and went to a distant country without words, texting....one word – for good.

Soon it is done, but not a tale!

it could be if I had more time! But - 5 minutes.

And a woman who survived a lot of losses already, we can say, in desperation, decided to succeed in expiring minutes to write exactly what she actually NEEDS:

Met! Kind and funny! Smart! Love! Mutually! Live happily and rejoice!) All!

the Tale with pleasure (and talent) played! All the details discussed right....so believe in all this action, together waiting for the date of the Meeting!

fair to say that the Meeting on the appointed day did not take place....


Happened a little later and the pair has already taken place! Live together, happy life!

And who is a fabulous master-class read – "us" let "shakes" and your story writing!

It is an interesting and useful!

Kurakin Tamara
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